Friday, May 12, 2006

New Shtuff!

I've been realllly lazy this week. Just so tired. I sat down a couple days ago and realized I haven't built in any recovery weeks into my training plan. Maybe that's why I've been so exhausted.

That, and the last couple weeks for a teacher, while part of us feels like singing, is full of many parent phone calls and all the last minute begging (by students and parents).

So, I've starting building in a recovery week into my training plan.

Meanwhile, Husband took it upon himself to get me some very special nifties - mother's day nifties - and upgrade my bike. Wonderfrost, or Geekgrl, or Rosie, whatever I decide to call my tri-bike, now sports a pair of Zipp-404 tubulars, Shimano Duraace pedals, and a new casette and rings (I was having a really hard time with just the double chain wheel on hills, so I got a different ratio to help me climb easier), and a new pair of Shimano cycling shoes, with carbon on the platform (?) (and they even match the bike).

I say (?) because some of the terminology I'm a bit unfamiliar with. Husband researches this stuff and then tells me what the best stuff is. Then, when I'm standing in the bike shop, they start talking bike-ese to me, assuming that since I'm getting some high end stuff, I must speak it to. I can only nod, and hope that I live up to the promise of all this very cool equipment. Part of me feels like a kid who just learned how to drive and has been handed a porche. But it's exciting nonetheless, and I can't wait to try it all out this weekend at the Benson.

I'll have a picture of my new bike soon for show-off purposes!

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  1. Oh I totally wanted those shoes, but they didn't fit me good. My heel wasn't snug. So I went with the Sidis. Sidi never lets me down... just kills my pocketbook! :P

    Can't wait for the bike porn!!!


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