Sunday, May 28, 2006

Riding Sag

Today was was my first experience as a "sag wagon" at a time trial in which some of the members of the Outlaws participated. Now, I am loathe to be associated with anything called "Sag" but this was fun. This was a small time trial held out in Moriarty, New Mexico...14 miles down and back. Now here's the rub...the winds were forecast to be gusting 25-35 mph by late morning, and our take off time was 10:00. I was riding behind Outlaws team 2: Ricky V., Stitch, and Wiz. (we all have nicknames). My job was to follow closely behind, alert them if anyone fell behind, carry spare wheels, tools, gels, water, etc., and by my own estimation, play blasting loud music. This last part they never got to appreciate because, due to the high winds, all they heard was "Whoooooooooooosh" the whole way out (downwind) and back (upwind). it was an interesting experience watching them cycle tup and back as a team hrough this draft legal race. Kathy aka "Queen" rode Sag for the 1st team.
(My nickname, by the way, is "double-barreled" and apparently has more to do with the fact that I tend to shed layers when I run than it does with guns.)
Think about it.
Results: Since we weren't "licensed riders" we won the "open team" division, and received a nice trophy cup. We're going to have the plate changed, and send it to Pretzel, who is in a hospital in Dallas. (Len, the guys would like you to know that this race was for you.)

I've very excited about tomorrow: we're going for a group swim at Cochiti Resevoir in our wetsuits. Then we're having a bbq afterwards. I'm having some delish vegan brats and potato salad. Cochiti resevoir is where I first saw triathletes practicing an open water swim. I just didn't know it then. Now I'm a triathlete, practicing my open water swim! cool!

Of course, I can't forget the real purpose of the day: those who have sacrificed with their service so that I live in a country where I can be a triathlete, or indeed, participate in nearly any kind of insanity. I am the daughter, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother, and wife of veterans. I would have joined myself, but in 1985, they didn't take single parents with asthma.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

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