Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Family Vacation Time

Husband and I are planning our vacation this summer, ever so carefully. What makes this vacation so special,

...so worthy of special planning...
is that it is our first child-free vacation,


Husband and I met when I was a single parent in grad school. We have had at most one day away from the children at any given time. Now our youngest, 15, is the only one at home, and he is spending a week in bible camp and then the following week with friends. So we will be alone. GET IT? Sans l'enfents. (Pardon my French. Really)

For two weeks. For someone who has been raising kids since age 19, and who teaches 8th-graders all year long, this has a certain appeal, to say the least. this will be the longest I have ever been away from all my children since I was 19. that was - uh, quite some time ago. (Okay. it was 22 years ago)

do you get what I'm telling you here?

In any case, here's plan A, so far, in its tentative stage:
Load up the Fit with both bikes and our gear, and drive to Flagstaff, AZ. Laugh and be carefree, in manner of Hepburn and Peck or Kelly and Grant. While in AZ., do the Mountain Man Triathlon, which comes in 3 flavors: 70.3, Olympic, and Sprint.
After leaving Flagstaff, drive to Portland to visit Husband's father and his family. Spend time enjoying relative humidity. Hang out. Drink coffee. Then, the last weekend of vacation, drive to Bend, Oregon to participate in the Deshutes Dash: a sprint triathlon that includes a downstream river swim. How fun is that?
Neither of these have Athena divisions, but that's okay: it will be fun to do a tri outside the area and in a place I've never been. Kind of like golfers who like to cruise around, playing different courses. If you've heard of either of these and/or participated in them, I'd appreciate some comments or warnings! Thanks!


  1. If you pass through Ogden on your way to Oregon from Flagstaff, give us a shout.

  2. Oh I love Bend!!! It's awesome in the summer or the winter. Someone else mentioned that tri to me recently... if only I could remember who. You'll have a blast! Be sure and stop by the Deschutes Brewery for some delicious brews!


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