Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Science Experiment

Being a big science nerd, I'm given to looking up stuff and performing experiments on my personal life, usually with me being the subject. I do this out of desperation and to avoid the generally well-meaning but unhelpful, "just rest [it] for two weeks" or, "just avoid any stenuous activity for a week or so".

What this means is that I'm a big fat baby. I complain, then I ignore the helpful and sensible advice. This is referred to as "help-complaining-rejecting."

Here are the two experiments I'm working on now. I have an Olympic-distance triathlon this weekend, and I don't want to miss it:

Experiment 1: I have a cough that, while it is not getting worse, is pretty annoying. I found out that an associate just got over strep and a bad cold (Gee thanks). I wish to vanquish any possibility of being too sick to compete this weekend.
Observation: Germs will only live in a very specific host environment. Most human germs, for instance, exist at near 7 pH and 98.6 degree temperature.
Hypothesis: If I change my internal environment, I can flush them out.
Method: Take lots of metals (magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.,) in an attempt to change my internal pH. Drink boatloads of water, ditto. Repeat on Friday. Of course it does without saying, I'll be getting lots of sleep to support my immune system.

Experiment 2: I fell (again) and aggravated the tendonitis in my wrist. Yeah, I know. I need to learn to tuck and roll.
Observation: When I wrapped my wrist for 8 hours, it was virtually pain free when I was done.
Hypothesis: If I keep my wrist immobile until Race day, I can swim with a brace on and then just curl up in pain afterward.
Method: I plan to keep my wrist taped completely until it cannot move, as well as take some prescriptions anti-inflammatories until Saturday.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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  1. Ouch on that durned wrist - that's no good!

    I recommend ice. Lots of ice on that wrist. I was amazed when I found out all those people who talk about icing injuries were on to something good.

    By the way - I had a thought about your bike when I was in the pool last night -

    What about Valhalla? The theory being that's where you'll be riding to every time you get on it, right? Right?



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