Thursday, June 01, 2006

Post-interview Jitters

This isn't particularly about triathlons. I went running this morning and it felt good. I ran 4 miles, in about 52 minutes, at a fairly easy pace, and tested out some of the songs that I've "repaced" using the Repacer application I bought. It speeds them up or down digitally so that you can match your best tempo.

After the run I had 2nd breakfast of a peach smoothie (1 can peaches + 1/4 package of silken tofu) and a toasted soy cheeze sandwitch. Then a nice, long shower and positive affirmations ensued. It was important to feel good today, because I had the first job interview I've had since 2000. I was applying for either of two different positions as a school counselor in the district where I work. Before the interview, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "You're well prepared, educated, and trained for this position. You kick ass!"

I should have started that earlier, though, because I was pretty nervous. For the interview I sat at the end of a long table and was interviewed by nine other people. Most of them I knew, but I don't take that for granted. I was handed the thirteen interview questions when I sat down, and asked all of them, in turn, by the interview committee. I asked a couple questions. I thanked them. They thanked me. I shook hands, and then left.

And now I get to breathe. Whew.

I think it went well. I'm up against some very good, very competent applicants (many of whom I know!) who would be good choices. I doubt that anyone else wants or deserves the job more. I can just hope that I have the right combination of qualifications, background, and presense to be chosen.

So, if you're so inclined, I'd appreciate it if you could do whatever your religious or philosophical leanings encourage you to do: cross your fingers, mumble incantations, that I get this job. Thanks.


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