Thursday, June 29, 2006

Evil Slothful Athena

I tried to get up this morning and run. I really did. But then Evil Slothful Athena whispered in my ear, "You worked hard last weekend. Take it easy" I'll have to run later this morning, because we're going out to eat tonight and I have to get a head start on all the calories I'm going to eat. We're meeting up with my friend/nemesis Helen and her husband at a local Indian restaurant, where I'll stuff my self silly on samosas and saag. Ummmmmm. Helen and Stewart are on their way through Burque, headed for Farmington, where we're also headed on Friday.

Saturday is our wedding anniversary, and we're celebrating it by doing the Grady Williams Freedom Days triathlon in Farmington. It's an olympic distance tri, with a 1500 meter lake swim, 10K hilly "soft sand" trail run, and 40K hilly bike. Yes, in that order. Yes, I hate running in sand. Yes, I hate hills. Yes, one should expect a great deal of swearing.

Sweet Baboo, on the other hand, is giddy with excitement because he has not been allowed to run for a month due to a stress fracture in his hip. He's being released from the injurd list the day before the event, and like a bad kid that's been in time out for a month, he's off and running. Mini-me won't be at this event. It's just the two of us, so we get to act silly and swear and do all the things I don't normally do when Mini-me is around. Woo-hoo!


  1. Me thinks that little devil on your shoulder knew that by waiting to run later today, your metabolism would remain higher during your meal tonight... so rejoice, for you have made the right move! ;)

    That tri sounds brutal! hehe

  2. happy anniversary ! i hope you have an awesome tri !

    - liz (speedvegan)

  3. aww, you guys are so cute! You look like you were married last week -- how sweet!

    Oh, and good luck on Grady Williams! I hear it's fun - good for you!


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