Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You know you live in the desert when...

...the headline of the newspaper reads,
"Heavy Rains Two Nights in a Row."
In a place where it almost never rains, this is like some strange cosmic anomaly visited upon us. My son, a jaded 15-year-old, even put a video game on hold to go outside and watch it. He was wearing an old windbreaker, because we don't have any raincoats. (Yes, we have umbrellas. We use them for shade.)

This is also a chance for cheap entertainment for me. I stand near the door, so that all the housecats (Hissy fit, Lily, and Whitney) gather near it, hoping to be let out--which they never are--and throw it open, "allowing" them to go out, if they wish, into pouring rain. What? you'd rather stay inside? Oh, well - you had your chance. Fickel cats. Bwahahahahahaha.

The real upside to all this rain is that the mornings are crisp and unusually gorgous - this morning was 52 degrees - and clear, and all the dust is washed away.

I'd take advantage of this time to go for a run, but I've woken up three days in a row with aching feet, lower calves, and back. I think it was from climbing those hills on Sunday (Gee, ya think?) at the Tri-raider. It's getting better each day, and I did a very, very brief run yesterday, so perhaps a moderate run tomorrow morning. I went to dance class yesterday, and came away feeling a little less stiff, but I think I need a good long stretch session.


  1. Send it on down our way... Where is that picture taken at, the one with the cars?

  2. On my ride into work this morning there was even a section of the bike trail along Paseo Del Norte that had been washed out because the ground underneath had been carried away in the torrent.

    Lots of sand and gravel had flowed over the bike path, it was a Cyclocross morning!

  3. ugh ! headlines in south FL would read "Two whole days with NO rain !"

    - liz from

  4. OH, you are evil~ Thanks for the giggle! :)


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