Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cool thing number 542 about Albuquerque

Here and there growing wild around Albuquerque are quarter-sized daisies with striped undersides, Berlandiera lyrata. They are weeds. But we don't kill them. We walk around them carefully, trying not to to hurt them. They grow wherever they're allowed. There's lots along the bike paths. I have a big clump that I planted in my front yard, and a few in the back.

They aren't particularly pretty. Their tall, weedy folliage and large leaves dominate. They only bloom after sundown and before sunup, because once the sun is on them, they nod their heads, curl up their pedals, and go to sleep. Then their pedals fall off, but they bloom continuously throughout late spring, summer, and early fall.

So, why would I BUY a plant that grows wild here, the tear off pieces and plant it in other areas of the yard? Well, it's simple, really.

They smell like chocolate. Not "kinda," exactly. And it's very strong.

My big clump grows right now to the driveway, on the west side of my house. So, whenever I get into my car in the morning, I'm enveloped by the smell of chocolate. When Husband takes the bike trail into work, he rides through a cloud of chocolate smell. My next door neighbor comes out in the mornings just to smell them before sunup. It's common names are "chocolate daisy" or "chocolate flower".

Those of you in lush rainy states can't have it, because it doesn't like water. It only grows in arid and mountainous environments.

I didn't have any sore muscles to report, so I thought I'd have a mini botany lesson instead.

Have a nice day!

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  1. How Cool! Chocolate weeds...hmmm.


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