Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sure, they hate me now.

But they'll love me in the end!
Talking about the legs, of course. This was the first full week of training where I actually did the planned training, with spinning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and running on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm already investigating my new "muscle of the week" because it's one that's never hurt before, at least not where it's aching right now.

In spin class, we use heart zones, working from the low end of zone 3 up to zone 4. I'm working on getting up in the pedals, my weakness, because it's the only way I'm gettin' up those grade 8 and 9 hills at the Tri-Raider in a few weeks. It's supposed to be good training for running, too. I'm getting used to that burning feeling, or at least it's not as bad as it was. I'm so paranoid about traffic that these classes are a godsend.

I planned a run today, but last night legs and other body parts spoke said, "we took a vote, and if you don't take tomorrow off, we're going on strike". So, today I did a brief (3 mile) bike ride to get coffee, and tomorrow is another long lake swim.

I'm also investigating natural (whole foods) ways to get electrolytes, and am looking at Ultima Replenisher for sprints and Carb-boom and water for longer events.

Monday morning one of the instructors is having a special session where we can check to find out our max heartrate. I honestly don't know if it's 190 or 200. The highest I've seen is 177, and it felt like my chest was going to explode. Apparently, one can have a different max hr for running or cycling, etc. The girl that's doing it is a professional traininer and triathlete.

I'm spending the day getting all psyched up for my first dance class on Tuesday. I've purchased a copy of a documentary, "American Belly Dancer" off ebay and am waiting for it. Perhaps dance, including other forms, will be a good off-season activity, along with running.


  1. Hey, do you have Smartwater or Vitaminwater where you are? I love smartwater -- it has the electrolytes, no sugar, no other stuff, tastes like water. It's brilliant. Back in the day I used to do electrolyte tablets as well. But smartwater--dude, it's great.

  2. water + celtic salt + honey. That's all I'm sayin'. Oh, and/or Hammer products... they rock.

  3. Hi. I've read through your race reports, and realized that you were at Milkman too. It was my first tri - I was last in the overall female, but first out of one in the 39 and under athena.

    Your reports have inspired me a little as it helps to know I'm not alone in the quest for speed.


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