Friday, June 16, 2006

New Muscle of the week

My new muscle of the week, which has made itself known by it's pissed-off, sore attitude, is the rectus femoris.

The rectus femoris extends the knee along with the other quadriceps. As it crosses the hip joint, it works with the other hip flexors to generate hip torque, and also stabilize the pelvis upon the weight-bearing femur.

Which is why mine got so damned sore last week. After two full weeks of spin class, in which I spent a great deal of time (well, more than zero for me is a great deal of time) up and out of the saddle, simulating uphill climbing. Speedwork also contributed to the soreness, because I was nearly sprinting and lifting my knees up more.

It's feeling better, now.

That's your science geek moment of the week.

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