Sunday, June 18, 2006

Late night musings.

It's late. I know this. I went to bed nice and early, and is usual for me, my body punished me for this by waking me around 12:30, for no apparent reason. Since I'm not really much good at lying in bed quietly without waking everyone near me (namely, cats and Husband) I came downstairs to do some more work on Husband's computer.
Husband's computer has gradually slowed down to oh, say, the speed of writing on a stone tablet. I'm trying to avoid the dreaded RF (Re Format) but I think that's the inevitable end of this drama. Mine usually has to be reformatted once a year because I mess with it so much, but his is 5 years old and is only just now getting ready for it because he doesn't mess around with his settings and install and uninstall random files the way I do.

As well, Mini-me had access to my computer for a while and would also download and install random things, often without knowing it, owing to his penchant for visiting websites he should not be visiting. I would sit down at my computer, and all the colors would be changed, the background picture would be some random icon that was repeated a thousand times all over the screen, the resolution would be different, and the icons would be 2 inches x 2 inches. I would launch into a tirade towards Mini-me "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY COMPUTER??"


translation: I was on it, and there's nothing you can do about it, even New Mexico doesn't let you smack your kids around.

Now, if I WERE to believe Mini-me, that leaves Husband, who had his own computer, and the cats. Oh, and the fish. Oh, and by the way, if you don't have teenagers yet, get used to that reply. NOTHING ever was done to your stuff, your carpeting, or your car and NOBODY had anything to do with it. Your computer mysteriously downloaded its own cache of naked Japanese anime girls, cheat codes, and vile Mp3's. Your car radio reset all its own stations to loud rap music. You carpet got tar on it. Your favorite box of cereal, purchased yesterday, was already all eaten when you brought it home from the store. ALL. BY. ITSELF.

Ah, but, anyway.

I went with Husband to see "the Lake House" tonight. As a science teacher, I had to suspend willing disbelief about the whole time travel thing, but I have to say, it's been a long time that a movie made me cry at the end like that. It was wonderful and romantic without being schmaltzy and gimmicy. I loved it. Go see it.

I was just reading Nytro's post about lake swimming. I was feeling pretty good about tomorrow's - I mean today's - lake swim. Now I wonder What Lurks Beneath. What is that? Did something just brush my foot? Is it a large some kind of fish that dwells in desert resevoirs and apparently, chomps on associated digits? I was also very interested to read what Nytro's coach said about training. Hmm. Given that I'm 3 weeks into my semi-almost-serious training mode, that means I have 5 more weeks of being exhausted left. Ergh. Good thing I'm off in the summer.

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  1. oh boy. I can't wait until my toddlers grow up...ugh.


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