Thursday, June 22, 2006

One year ago

Steve blogged about how he became an Ironman a year ago today, and it put me in mind of where I was about a year ago.

One year ago...

...I could not run 100 steps.

...I had no idea that Carbon had much more crucial uses that merely being the basis of life on earth.

..I was content to play cheerleader while Husband and Mini-me did their 'triathlete thing,'

...the hardest thing I'd ever done was the physical fitness test in high school, and as an adult was step-aerobic classes.

...I did not by any stretch of the imagination consider myself an athelete.

...I was not aware of the existance of my Rectus femoris.

...I could not swim 25 meters.

...I'd never heard of Body Glide.

...I hated drinking water. I would drink maybe 3 cups of liquid a day.

...I rode my bike up and down the bosque trail, but never up hills, never up hills.

...I did not own a pair of running shoes.

...I never heard of anyone losing a toenail just from running one race.

...I thought the time was past for me to do extraordinary things.

...I'd never heard of sports gels.

But, one year ago...
...I was starting to notice that some of those triathlete people were as big and old as I, and some were bigger, or older.


  1. Misty, thank you for visiting my blog! It's something, isn't it, how a single comment can make your day, can motivate and inspire you like nothing else! Also, I love this post, "One Year Ago." I think I will cut, paste and's an encouraging list to read, for me as a beginner, to see how much you have fabulously accomplished in just one year! Love it!

  2. It's funny, I can recall just having the germ of an idea a year ago, but thinking there is no way in hell I'll ever be fit enough to do a triathlon...

  3. You have made an AMAZING journey in less than a year. Dang.

    I LOVE hearing about people's stories, because they always come into my head at just the right moment. I will definitely be calling you up on the old mental reel when I feel like my progress is too slow for me to ever to my "big" goals.

    You are incredibly inspiring!

  4. "In the end people have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or brilliance." - anonymous

    You've had a year of experiences, a year of results and a year of brilliance. GOOD FOR YOU. Thanks for the encouraging post! Inspirational. (mumbling to self.. one short year.. on short year..)

  5. have come a long way baby...and you will continue to discover the joy of being fit and more alive than a year ago!
    Congrats! There is always more to learn...more to do...ain't it FUN!


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