Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Diet. EVAR.

So here it is, the best diet ever:
I've arranged the first 55 miles of each bike course (Ironman Coeur D'Alene and Ironman St. George, respectively) side-by-side. Click, and enjoy. I mean, I don't know about you, but I want to throw up just looking at it.

I figure if I post it on the refrigerator it will reliably take away my appetite and I'll be lean and mean by September.

September...but Geekgirl, isn't Ironman St. George in May?

Ah, yes. It IS! you see, I have reneged on my plan to not doing an iron distance in 2009. My name is GeekGirl Iron Misty, and I'm an addict.

Dear Misty:
Thank you for registering for the 2009 Redman Full Distance Triathlon.
Your Registration is confirmed, and you may use this email as your
Registration Confirmation...

The Redman is where I did my first half iron, and I always wanted to come back and do the full. It's small, great shwag, and I remember the support being fantastic. Plus, you can packet pickup on the day before the race, which is on Saturday.

Win-win! We'll see.

I also remember it being incredibly hilly. Of course, that was in 2006 when I was just a triathlon infant.

Now when I look at the profile, I realize that it's all relative.

We'll see.



  1. Um. YIKES!!!

    Oh boy, you'll have yet another IM under your belt before I even get to my 1st one! Woohoo!

  2. Yep, that worked. I feel pretty sick now.

  3. Hello!-that makes me sick looking at it even here from a distance. Maybe the scale is different in each picture?

  4. that is an awesome addiction to have :) i love it!

    i don't love that elevation profile, but i am digging the diet! may need to print out a copy for myself.

  5. It's not really an elevation profile, its the pattern from one of those shirts with the big fat stripes, a rugby shirt, right?

  6. Hope to finally meet you in OKC. I'll be there doing the Halfmax. Any advice on the course is much appreciated. You go Misty!

  7. Hope to finally meet you in OKC. I'll be there doing the Halfmax. Any advice on the course is much appreciated. You go Misty!

  8. I keep looking at IM St. George and thinking hmmmmm.... it's like climbing Diablo to the junction twice. No biggie. I do it all the time. But that run - yeowch!

    I'm still thinking about it, though... still thinking.

  9. BTW - how do you see the elevation map in the mapmyride thing? I don't get it.

  10. I am sick --- appetite gone --- you are right (and it's evahhh in New England). Thank's for helping me gain a little perspective as I stress big time about my first "evah" Olympic Distance in 2 weeks!!!

  11. The way I look at it, there will be some nice, looooong downhill on the way down from each of those 2,000 ft climbs. That's what I'll be thinking about on my way up each one. The run...I dunno...I'm comparing it to everything I'm doing in the foothills, and I think it's going to be pretty nasty. My quads are going to be torn up.


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