Friday, May 15, 2009

T-minus 4 days and counting.


I have to miss out on it because I'm going over to pick up Mini-baboo and begin getting ready for graduation weekend. He'll hang out at the Jemez trail run with us tomorrow and then on Monday, he graduates. It's official.

My left eye has stopped twitching.

Expected to be in attendance are my two other grown children; one of them is my oldest son who is in the Army and who I haven't seen in 5 years.

This first-born child left in 2002 for the Army, shaking his fist and declaring that he would some day have way more education than either of us (What is that, some kind of threat?) while simultaneously declaring there was nothing more that any school could teach him that he didn't already know or could figure out for himself. He returns to us for this visit slightly humbled by life and the US Military. He's pretty ready for college, I think.

The middle-child, my daughter, left us a few years later, declaring that I was all about rules, rules, rules and that she would never live her life that way. She is married, and employed, and calls me often to ask my advice.

Tuesday morning, we'll go over and pick up mini-Baboo's diploma, and he'll go down to the Navy recruiter and pee in a cup. This was his choice.
Meanwhile, I sent him this card yesterday:

and this one a couple days ago:

'cause I'm all about the love.

After peeing in a cup, Mini-baboo will head to Dallas for 3 weeks of R&R. Then he comes back here for a week, pees in another cup, and a week later he ships out. He says he can't wait to get out of New Mexico because it's too hot, and I'm sure that, buried in that statement was the undeclared and I'll finally have some freedom.

It was 82 today by the way, with 18% humidity, typical for May/June in Albuquerque. Gorgeous.

Mini-baboo will be headed up to the Chicago area for boot camp. In June.

Don't you just want to pinch his cheek and tell him how cute he is? Run along, Mini-baboo. Enjoy your freedom, and your life, and the balmy Chicago summer.



  1. "balmy Chicago summer".


  2. Um yeah. Are you sure Mini-Baboo and I aren't the same person separated by some weird Star Trek time travel device (and gender change?) I too (was a total pain in the a$$ to my parents and) vowed to leave my podunk hometown to be "on my own" - by joining the Navy immediately after hs graduation. Only I went to Boot Camp in Orlando. Florida. In July. Good luck Mini-Baboo!!

  3. I so enjoy your blog, your outlook, the challenges you put yourself through and your parenting style! It all gives me hope that as a mom of 2 (7 and 10 - one bipolar) that eventually everyone finds their way!

  4. I like your style.
    I have hope for the future because your kids will be great. Thanks to you.

  5. :-*
    I'm not holding out for greatness; just that I don't wake up with Fox news on my door.

  6. you are the best mom ever.
    It's funny how cute they are when they know everything isn't it?
    BTW, I think Chi town is humid as hell in June and smells like bums and tires. I'm sure that is just what he had in mind!

    Congrats on getting one more onto the launching pad to adulthood. Ya done good!

  7. I was in Chicago in August a few years back and I was pretty stunned at how hot and humid a place that far north could be. This coming from a girl raised in Alabama and East Texas.

  8. If mini gives you too much grief, you could always go run the 2 mi. PT test run in front of his unit. You've beaten him before, after all.

  9. I've heard that the proper thing to do is to send him cookies and a teddy bear.

  10. I can see your ear-to-ear grin from here. WELL DONE

  11. too hot in NM for him, is it?

    oh, he's gonna luuuuuuv it here in chicago for the summer. just thinking about the death-humidity makes me sweat my dinner off.

    welcome to the chi, mini.

  12. I'm still stuck on NRYBTWD

    Sounds like your boy is in for an awakening but it also sounds like he will be in a great position to become the man he is. Well done, Mom! You hatched and hung in there until he got launched.


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