Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why my 9 mile ride was 16 miles long.

So, Sweet Baboo caught me during a lull in my synapses and convinced me to commute to work today by bicycle. This is quite a feat for him, for several reasons (I am She-ra, Queen--nay, EMPRESS--of excuses.):

1) I only like to ride my bike if the temperature is between 62 and 64 degrees F., and it's not too windy or sunny or cloudy or raining.

2) roads, traffic, sidewalks, cars, other cyclists, people walking (with or without dogs), animals, plants, and buildings make me nervous, so I try to avoid cycling wherever these are present.

However, once I agreed, I was stuck--I am a woman of my word. I did the commute, which was actually quite nice.

I've prepared an illustration of why a 9-mile commute is 16-miles long using a sophisticated, graphical representation. I forgot to add in that on the lower left side exists Kirtland AFB, so we can't commute through there.

Still, although I arrived to work somewhat sweaty, I enjoyed it. I had onhand some "WetOnes for Sensitive Skin," antiperspirant, and cologne for just such a sweaty occasion. I carried my lunch and my work clothes in my backpack. It was pretty nice; I love doing things in the morning.

Of course, this commute TO work was mostly downhill and coasting. The commute home, much less so. And, it got cold. And it rained. whine, weedle, moan.

Once again, I squished the profile to make it ever-so-more dramatic.

By the time I got home, my whole body was screaming, PASTA! NOW!



  1. I know a lot of people whose commutes would be similar if they did them on a bike!

    Hope it's a good ride home!

  2. Yea! Congratulations on the commute!

  3. I LOVE the map. Too funny - a picture is worth a thousand words...


  4. That picture ROCKS!!! Everybody in my office loves it!

  5. yay commuting to work via bike. i kind of miss it... but i know i don't really enjoy getting up earlier to bike into work with my backpack on. good luck on the ride home! uphill, kind of gross :)

  6. Yes I think commuting around the war zone is the smart thing to do. That is so awesome!!

  7. Hilarious drawing! I'm proud that you DID IT!


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