Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Many run-on sentences and some sentence fragments today.

  • My training plan involves at least 2 5am 5k runs, as soon as I can get my crap together enough the night before to make up for the fact that practically as soon as I stop running I have to get in the car and go to work.

  • I'm also planning on doing an afternoon run once a week, to get heat acclimated for BSLT 70.3 at the end of June.

  • 2-3 times a week, I walk a couple miles with a coworker at lunch. She's training to racewalk a 5K, so she enjoys being with someone who can keep up, which is what it's all about: I can now keep up with a novice racewalker.

  • I am intrigued by Crossfit, as it is the preferred training of Catra Corbit, who is someone I aspire to be like, although slightly less colorfull or naked. (Okay, maybe just as naked but only for Sweet Baboo.) AndraSue is also doing Crossfit, and so I'm curious about her experience.

  • But I'm pretty sure I'm much too lazy to actually do it.

  • I am lukewarm about my performance at Jay Benson. On the one hand, I'm slightly slower than the last time I did it, but on the other hand, I'm happy that although I'm heavier and haven't trained I didn' really do all that bad. There's always next year.
  • Baboo and I are thinking more about how much we like being home now. There are no surly teenagers and we love the new crib (I just know Baboo will adore me calling it a "crib.") so we may start limiting our craziness to just one or two trips a year, and do more local events.
  • I thought I would be depressed that this is the first summer since 1991 that I haven't had the summer off, but I'm excited to be able to do early runs in a T-shirt and shorts.
  • I had houseguests here for 10 days, and they left yesterday, so now, I have 5 days to straighten up and prepare for all my grown children, who are descending on me like locusts (did I just say that out loud?) in honor of Mini-baboo's graduation. I'm getting increasingly old-lady-cranky: Don't touch my stuff. Don't sit there. GAA! What are you doing? Don't change the volume on that!

  • I used to grumble about HS graduations (what are they so excited about) but I'm so excited about this event that I just can't put it into words.
  • I have mixed feelings about the order of the waves at Jay Benson: 1) All men, 2) Women up to 44, and then 3) Clydesdales, Athenas, Teams, and women over 44. It's like, we're going to let the real triathletes go first, and then you all can go. (And, it was mother's day.)



  1. OMFG, people who gripe about grammar and spelling and all caps and ARE PERPETRATORS IN THEIR OWN POSTS should be summarily shot.

    My hairdresser is a local woman who lived here all her life and her grammar is atrocious. Plus her kid is in my kid's class. So I probably shouldn't correct her or rant about it in public, should I? (Rhetorical question).

  2. I'm a Catra fan as well. The Crossfit thingy intrigues me as well, I'm worried about the form. I've already checked out a local Crossfit gym.

  3. Mike and I are already excited that our oldest will be graduating in 3 years.....is that bad?

  4. Am I allowed to snort in a "yeah right!" manner?

    I did crossfit for about 2 months in the early IM build, I actually really enjoyed it, but it was too much with the rest of the IM training. (Work is so picky. They actually want me to be awake when I teach the kids. Sheesh.)

    I am not a huge fan of their focus on strength training for time. I saw some of the other cross fitters using really bad form for the exercises to get more done in the allotted time, but I enjoyed the variety of exercises and the intense workouts.


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