Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friends Don't let Friends Drink....

That's what I get for getting all giddy about having succesfully launched the last of the picachus.

This morning I picked up Mini-baboo's diploma, himself in Dallas on one last vaca before heading for Navy boot camp on the 16th.
Mostly, as I was telling DP on the phone earlier, it isn't so astounding that they were all gone, and they're all employed and housed, but that none of them is pissed at me. Thus far, not a single one has taken me to task for ruining their lives. In particular, my oldest, who had the most responsibility heaped on his young shoulders when I was a single parent, remarkably, still speaks to me.

I joked in an earlier post about "putting it in the book" but truthfully, I was quite overwhelmed as a young, single mother of three, and not always the calmest, sanest mother one could hope to have. I was a full-time college student, usually exhausted. I yelled a lot. I was always losing my keys; they spent an inordinant amount of time trying to help mom find them. And, unlike those nice, stable, married moms, I had boyfriend drama. (All that ended in 2000, of course). Despite all this, they like me well enough to visit, call and email, and occasionally ask advice. This leads me to believe that I am perceived as neither frightening or stupid. I hasten to add that it's not the perception of me at issue here. It's the relief I feel that I have not ruined their lives.

So it was in this state of giddiness, with a glass of cabernet in one hand, and staring out at the hills in the other, that I dramatically declared, sign me up!! as Sweet Baboo was looking at the information for the "Run the Caldera" marathon out at Valles Caldera (that's pronounced, vah-eeyez, boys and girls. )

I have about 3-1/2 weeks to get ready for this.

Friends just don't let friends drink and sign up for marathons, y'all.



  1. Oh yes we do! WE encourage drinking and signing up for ridiculous races. I heart this one, BTW. I'm doing it again this year. It is close in difficulty to the Jemez half, except there are some killer hills at mile 19 and 22. Enjoy!

  2. Holy topography, batwoman! And stay off the sauce when marathon registrations are involved... : )

  3. There's something to be said for an inability to read a topo map. Looks like they cut a nice channel all the way around that big old hill and you just run flat!


  4. You can't find your keys, but you can damn sure find your credit card, even while drunk, can't you?

    Anyway, congratulations and well done, Mom. You did good.

  5. But the course will be pretty, right?

  6. It is, indeed, supposed to be quite nice. If I can lift my head enough during my hypoxia to look around, I believe I may enjoy it.

  7. Piccachus. Hilarious.

    If they thought loved you every minute and that you were the coolest mom around when they were 16 THEN you would have screwed them up. When they are grown and think those things THAT is the success.

    You done good.


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