Sunday, September 13, 2009

Someone to Obsessively Track Today

At Ironman Wisconsin today, we have an aspiring iron couple: Mike and Jwim. I've linked to their blogs, below, if you don't already follow them.

JWim: 2463

Mike: 1304 (Mike, I was surprised to learn on his athlete tracker page, is a retired adult film star. Keep your clothes on today, Mike, or you'll get sunburned!)

Also, if you follow the blog Neoprene Wedgie: Racer 1199.

Let's send out lots of virtual cowbell today, folks!!



  1. They are such an inspirational couple, and I grew up in their town. I have been watching.

  2. I've been a secret admirer of theirs for awhile now and yes, I am obsessively tracking them!

  3. Me too! I've been thinking about them all day. Sitting in church, I was pondering their swim times. I feel like a stalker - but in a good way. Sending cow bell love!!!!

  4. Well, T and I weren't able to track anyone since we were out of town, but (regarding your Thursday 13), T did catch a crayfish by hand while waiting to start the swim of the Harvest Moon Half in Colorado this weekend...Best wishes to your friends, and I hope your training is going well

  5. I was there! Volunteerng at the first bike station - what an awesome experience. AND I SIGNED UP FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!! Yippee


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