Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Alphabet edition, from my trail runs.

1) O stands for Oh, MY! As in, Lions and Tigers and Bears!
Okay, well, maybe not tigers. But definitely lions and bears. WHATWASTHATNOISE? I see their tracks and...leavings on every run. I hear they're shy. I hope so. I hope they stay shy.

2) D as in Down. As in, perhaps before climbing up some terrain, it's good to stop first and consider how one might get DOWN. Trust me on this.

3) A is also for Aster. One of my favorite things about fall.

4) R
is for Rules, what rules? Oh, pfft. THOSE rules. My doggy is special. We don't need no stinkin' rules. His poo is special, too.


I don't care if they're trying to repair some of the trail. I will go wherever I damn-well please.

Who is that crazy woman taking my picture any way?

5) A is for Autopause. As in, use this if you stop and take pictures a lot, so that you don't do what I did, which is stop your Garmin and then forget to start it again.

6) W
is for Water. Look --> here's some!

7) H is for High. The altitude kind. or maybe, H is for Happy.

8) L as in Lots. I've done lots of miles in the past 7 days: about 26, most of them trail miles at or above 6000 feet, which are hilly and take a lot longer. That will start creeping upward, you'll see. I will not DNF the Ghost Town in January.

9) S is for STUPID. As in, "hey, this dry river bed at the mouth of a canyon...feeding into a drainage area..this looks like a good place to pitch our tent."

10) V is for View. I was at 6700 feet in this picture, I climbed hands and feet up the side of a large hill and wound up with this view, which is about 1/10 of the whole thing, but I don't have a panoramic camera.

11) J is for Job. Nope, still don't have one. I got a lead on a possible one, but found out that all their positions require you to be bilingual. I'm pretty sure my pigin Japanese and poorly pronounced French don't count.

12) G is for Graduate school. This is turning into a Looooong semester.

13) E is for Elephant Butte. If you're doing this on Sunday, look for me at the 1st aid station on the run. Prepare to be aided.



  1. L is for Leopard. What the heck is that pink leopard thing on your foot?

    As stylish as it

    H is for Hate. I hate people who don't abide by the rules (woman walking dog off leash in area designated as "keep off")

    C is for Confession. I confess, when I had a dog he was constantly off leash despite the leash law. (because my dog is not one of those dogs)

    V is for View. Awesome view!

  2. It's a gaiter. Google "Dirty Girl Gaters" and you'll see.

  3. OMG! Mountain lions are my BIGGEST fear! If I see any sign of them, I have to leave.

  4. I like "H is for Happy"--you look happy and relaxed in that picture. Enjoy your days in the foothills--looks like a GREAT place to be--I don't get up that way nearly enough.


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