Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is why you're fat.

DP sent me this link. Hilarious. Enjoy.

PS: The vegetarian version of this sandwich is veggie sausage, cheese, carmelized onions, and eggs between thick slabs of french toast.
Go ahead. Ask me how I know.


  1. Woa-too early in the morning to look at these foods-gross!

  2. Is it a problem that 3/4 of those things look really delicious to me? :) (A few really are disgusting.) Krispy Kreme bread pudding? Oh. My. God.

  3. As I type, the Big E is going on in New England. The best selling food this year is the cheeseburger in that picture. It was put together/invented by a woman from the city I live in. I am so proud. Here is the link to our local newspaper which has an article about it today:

    Do you realize your Seaman son might be eating one right now!!

  4. O.M.G.!!!!
    and I thought a deep fried mars bar was disgusting

  5. I've tried to block it out of my consciousness that there are vegetarian versions of sinful yumminess (I mean disgustingness)!

  6. There's a whole blog of photos like that. This one is better though:

  7. that's disgusting... well, maybe if they weren't glazed doughnuts... :)

  8. Good grief! The pics on that link make my insides hurt! I think I almost had a heart attack just looking at them! A deep fried burger with double fried french fries?? YIKES!!

    I want a salad and fruit...right now. :)

  9. I felt my arteries clog up by just looking at this stuff. owie.


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