Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. Scorpions look a lot like crayfish, in my opinion. They are both arthropods. The crayfish, lobster, or shrimp you're eating is, after all, just a giant bug. (You're welcome) Why do people eat one and not the other?

2. I'm amazed at how much I enjoy housecleaning. When I had teenagers, I always felt kind of hopeless, and ignored it until I said, "Ewwwwww, how long has that looked like that?" But now I'm doing preemptive cleaning. Dusting and sheeit.

3. The former owners of this house were going for a whole tangled cottage garden look, which uses a LOT of water and requires constant pruning and catches trash and leaves when the winds blow. Reminder: this is a ranch house in the desert. I'm going for a neater, water-wise look. I took "before" pictures, and this will be one of my projects this fall. Meanwhile, I'm cleaning up a lot of overgrowth, which is, actually, a pretty good workout.

4. One of my clients is shocked that I don't carry a gun when I run. This, more than anything, is an illustration of the type of clientele with which I work. I said, well, it's impetus to make me run faster, which she didn't see as a joke, and entreated on me once again to pack some heat for safety.

5. This Saturday I'm doing a sprint tri in my old stomping grounds of Rio Rancho, my last tri of the season, probably. Sweet Baboo is head referee, so DON'T MESS WITH ME! Just kidding. He likes to be all fair and impartial and stuff, so he kind of nods toward me when he sees me, or flips his hand at me every so slightly. it's cute. We're all, hey, honey! Wink, wink.

6. I'm pretty damned tired of hot. I'm looking forward to maybe doing a mid-day run day in the cold, autumn air.

7. So at the marathon packet pickup last week, this thin, wiry guy was introduced to me by Baboo. You can just look at this guy and know he's fast - you know the kind, they always seem poised on their toes, as though they could spring away at any second. Every move is quick, quick quick! This guy did the Valles Caldera marathon in, like, 4 hours or so--twice as fast as I did it. And as he pumped my hand, he grinned and said, "I am reading your blog!"
and I was floored. REALLY, DUDE? You're reading my blog? WHY? is it while you're icing down after winning a marathon somewhere? Still, it was cool to hear that. He finished the marathon in 3 hours and some change.

8. People are suffering, and there are wars, and I've spent my energy this week on thinking about whether to grow my hair back out. I miss my hair; meanwhile shorter hair is neither easier nor less expensive. Efficiency: Fail.

9. I found myself this week watching a 2-year-old briefly. I honestly do not know what to do with a 2-year-old. I'm not warm and fuzzy and silly. I'm more of the constantly monitoring, damage-control kind of mother - I'm not much fun, but there won't be any accidental poisonings or chokings on my watch, either.

10. I've looked at it from a lot of different angles, but can't figure out why anyone would be angry about the President telling kids to stay in school.

11. The marathon lit a fire under my butt. I'm back to running a regular training plan again.

12. Now that I've paid for my full-time tuition, all the local districts are advertising math positions. Well, of course they are.

13. Today is Thursday, the first day after the marathon that I feel like I could do a little jogging. We'll see how it goes.



  1. 1. Scorpions are eaten in Asia!


  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I too like the neater look of a house. I don't care for too much clutter. It's just more shizzit to dust around.

    and to the rest; isn't that the way it always works? ;)

  3. Seriously... a gun! Yikes!

  4. Scorpions will sting you - I don't think shrimp or crayfish do that.

    On another note, I thought you were doing the iron distance at Redman - did you decide against it? Which is too bad - I was hoping to cheer you on.

  5. After I was attacked, I carried mace...which can be used against one also...but I felt bit safer.

  6. I always look forward to your Thursday 13. :) Have a great weekend....

  7. I love my short hair. No, it's certainly not less expensive but for me it is more efficient.

  8. I keep thinking about the gun comment, people do that?

  9. Hi there! on #7: Am the guy who reads your blog...Why? Because you're a truly talented blogger. I discovered it after exchanging some emails with Baboo after the Caldera where I had hoped to see the other Marathon Maniacs of New Mexico (there aren't so many)...I am thinner now, but 4 years ago (before I started to run) the scale said I was over 210lbs. Oh and I am not winning any race though I do want to improve my time on marathons before trying some longer distances like you guys are used to. Congrats for completing the NM marathon with minimal training!


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