Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa, Baby...

Dear Santa,

My friend Susan gave me this great idea today.
I won't lie. I like presents. So here's my wish list; what would yours look like?

Santa Baby, I've been a good girl, unless, of course, you subscribe to some some obsure rating system that penalizes people for not sticking to training plans, dumping a ton of butter-flavored oil on popcorn, and eating fake creme cheese frosting out of a can, yelling at the cats, or cursing teenagers silently behind their backs.

I've been thinking about what a good girl like me should get, and I want to entreat upon you the reasons why I should have need these things. There's not a whole lot on my list, because Sweet Baboo keeps me pretty well outfitted, but I have noticed some things in current issues of Runner's world, Ultrarunning that have made me, well, lustful of such things.

Here are the tangibles:

1. I should like very much to have an Ipod shuffle, 2nd generation, or as a runner up, a SanDisk mp3 player with the optional clip-on holder. They are very cool, and that coolness will results in greater efficacy while running. I can clip it onto my hat or strap of my singlet, attach an extra short earbud (I only wear one ear when I'm running) and off I go.

2. I'd like some matching pieces of the brooks "Nightlife" running ensem. They are black with reflective fluorescent yellow. I have the gloves. I now want the shirt, pants, hat, and jacket. and the shorts. Again, the coolness factor. Oh, and safety.

3. Some race ready stuff. I like the shorts with the 4" inseam and the mesh pockets in the back and the singlets with the race number holders built-in.

6. I should like many more pairs of sexy Injini toe socks. They are now making them in pink. I want pink ones.

6. A good triathlon transition setup. There's these inflatable foot rinses and very cool triathlon bag. I can get my name embroidered on it. . the same company makes a therapists bag. Very cool.

7. A Podium duel hydration system for my bike.

8. Added 12/3: Irobot Scuba. Authomatically cleans and dries hard floors. It actually is supposed to do a pretty good job, too. (Tell me you don't want one)

Now for the more intangible requests.

9. Can you do something about 8th-graders and their penchent for drama? Maybe you could make them calmer, more able to listen to reason.

10. Can you communicate to the powers that be in congress that no public school can get a 100% passing rate? It's not like a business; businesses control the type of materials they have to work with. They get to send back ingredients that are too difficult or expensive to work with. We don't. We try to teach them.

11. Could you bring a peaceable resolution to the whole Iraq debacle? Bring the boys and girls back home, please.

12. Could cats learn to cough up firballs in their litter pan instead of in the middle of the floor, where I step on them, cold and wet, in the middle of the night?

Santa, I'll put out some yummy cookies for you on the Eve. Come to think of it, you're looking a bit thick of thigh lately, so maybe it will be a protein smoothie. Either way, you'll be welcome in our house that day. Happy holidays.

There. You've all been tagged. what's on your wish list?



  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I'm honored that I've inspired others to grovel.

    Ps...Its Suzanne... like Shazam!

  2. I'm getting a bike trainer and the inflatable foot-rinser thing. I'm so darned happy about those things I'm afraid to push my luck, but my birthday IS only 3 days after Christmas so maybe I should start another wish list.... (I need some basic stuff like arm warmers and cold running pants and loads more running socks - but not the toe kind!)

  3. dear santa

    I would like a new bicycle please. a triathlon bicycle would be nice. Mostly it must be pretty.



  4. Mine is posted here:


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