Monday, December 11, 2006

Why I missed my Sunday long run: Excuse #179.

If you buy bean burritos from Taco Bell...

and then find that you've ordered more than you can comfortably consume...

do not, repeat, DO NOT eat that one that you left sitting out at room temperature six hours later.

That is all.


  1. Too late--I've already done that!

  2. Yuck. Thanks for the advice, I generally avoid Taco Bell even if it's fresh. Hope you're recovered.

  3. We have the same effect with my mother's soup when we go over there on Sundays...too funny!!

  4. An excuse is still an excuse...get your butt on the road woman!

  5. I had to bag the long one today.

    Learned the new lesson that the Brazilian wax should come AFTER the run (and shower!) not before. Long bike tomorrow is anybody's guess...will likely try the run again.

    as for beans...they are not part of my diet this year.

  6. Thanks for the giggle!


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