Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Weather Drama.

This is the one day of the year (sometimes, there are two) that people in Albuquerque get worked up about the weather.

By worked up, I mean they FREAK OUT. They drive far too slowly, then they SLAM. ON. THE. BRAKES.

Today I went over to where Sweet Baboo works and hung out there. He drove in, and I got to stare out the window, free to enjoy the scenery since I didn't have to navigate my way past the people who can't drive unless it's completely clear and dry.

I hung out in his office and worked on the 30-page paper that I've been putting off since, um, about 15 months ago.

Hah! You may have thought you were the biggest procrastinator.
Please; a little respect, for I am GEEKGirl, Queen of Procrastination

I know, I know. How can I lecture my students on procrastination when I'm so bad at it?

My secret is that I don't. Lecture them, that is. I usually just shake my head. "Sucks to be you, dood," I'll say, "good luck."

I have to finish this paper during my vacation. It's the last requirement of my MA (my second) in Professional Counseling. I've already taken the test, finished all the classes, ect.

My paper is on the therapeutic use of exercise for people with depression and/or anxiety. I'm still working on it. No working title yet. Today, I finished a whole page and a half.

But that's not all! I've been procrastinating on training all week. No more excuses. Tomorrow am, I hit the treadmill. Really. I mean it.


I'm not kidding.



  1. I thought it was fun to have some snow. But then again, I didn't have to go anywhere today and deal with the 'drivers'

  2. I am all about procrastination - my blog is actually title "project procrastination."

  3. That sounds like a very interesting paper, although I completely understand that procrasination impulse. Good luck with the paper and the running.

    And really, do people know how to drive in the snow anywhere? I live in the northeast, we get plenty, and people still freak out.

  4. It's not procrastination - it's the incredible just-in-time workload management system (tm)!

  5. big plans... tomorrow i plan on being bloated. there. does that make you feel like you're accomplishing something?

  6. Foiled again! I can't even win at procrastinating! I am willing to keep trying though, and I got a extra large bag of Chex mix, empty couch and a tv full of Tivo'd shows to help me out. Mother nature's even on my side with three days of rain over here. By the way, I love your site, I read it everyday (keeping that Taco Bell advice in the back pocket for the next binge). Good luck in AZ!

  7. I CHALLENGE you on the "art of procrastination"...I've been done with coursework form my Masters for three years...I now HAVE to finish my Professional Report this upcoming semester or I start losing credits. So while you may be the Queen...I lady shall be KING!

  8. So how was that treadmill, anyway? :-)


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