Friday, April 06, 2007

The Boulder Experience, Day 1

We arrived at the Boulder Outlook Hotel tonight at around 10:30 or so. You wouldn't; you couldn't, you shan't know how difficult it was to get here. I think the sign when we crossed the state line into Colorado was something like, "Now entering the state of Colorado; go back where you came from."

The highlights of the trip, so far, are that nobody has thrown eggs at us or screamed obscenities at is.

I'm tired. and cranky. And I wasn't even driving.

For starters, I had the choice this morning between loading software and setting up my new laptop or checking the weather in Colorado. I chose the former, because it was more fun, and now I am paying. Oh, dearie, am I paying. I am dressed for sprintime in New Mexico, and have brought with me 3 pairs of crop pants and 2 pairs of sandals, and two sleeveless shirts.

It is not springtime in Boulder. An icy drizzle began soon after entering Colorado, which seemed to confound the drivers here. Apparently ice is some exotic species, kinda like sand in New Mexico, and people have trouble driving on it. We counted seven (7) wrecks during the 3 hours it took to drive from Colorado Springs to Boulder. They ALL involved SUV's. So much for 4-wheel drive.

We watched with great interest as the large charter bus in front of us, traveling from Juarez, slid sideways across I-25 and then regained its traction. The car next to it honked, like as if, the driver didn't notice he was skidding on the ice and needed to have that brought to his attention. As if.

Second, the highway 36 From Denver into Boulder was shut down. CLOSED. We were directed to leave the highway, period, at Louisville, CO and the best we could do was follow a stream of cars, hoping they were going to to Boulder, too. (Luckily, they were). However, the mapquest directions were by then no good. We arrived at the hotel after several illegals Uturns and stopped to ask for directions. (Where is 28th street? Why are there two 27th streets?)

Bolder, you're fired. Duane, you too. You guys were in charge of making sure that weather was fair and highways were clear, and you blew it. Fie on you.

(And Duane, you know we all love you, but if I have to hear any more Devo I may start sawing at my wrists. )

So, FINALLY we arrived exhausted and tired and tried for pizza at Skinny Jays Pizza, where we were promptly ignored. We had better luck by ordering from the front desk. I'm having a 14" Vegan Pie. I had to, because rarely do I see the word "Vegan" on a menu unless all the servers are wearing hemp. But I digress.

I'm tired. And hungry. Tomorrow I'll give you the skinny on the Skinny Jay's pizza. Day 2 is our visit to Colorado Multisports, where we're going to be fit for new bikes. I have already deduced that the evil ABC in Albuquerque sold both of us bikes that are far too large, so I'm interested to find out what size I should have had. (My tri bike is a 54 cm. frame, and the only other person I know that has one is 6' tall. I am decidedly NOT 6' tall)

Till next time.



  1. Make sure you slap Bold in the head when you see him for me - he's on the new Nega-Coach program, and a good slap on the head is really a sign of endearment...

  2. The good news is that you get to buy new clothes! Have fun in Boulder :)

  3. Since Bold and Duane totally blew the whole weather thingy for you guys...I'm thinking they should provide Limo service during your stay in the great city of Boulder...

  4. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about your new bike! Nothing like a little vicarious consumerism... That really stinks that the ABC bike shop didn't fit you properly! For the sake of comparison, my bike (just a road bike, not a tri bike) is a 54 cm frame, and I'm gangly 5'10". Anyway, can't wait to see the new ride & find out what you name it/him/her...

  5. Okay, okay, no more Devo! Since I'm hitting the Big 5-0 on Monday I have substituted "Time" by Pink Floyd

    Sorry about the weather, it is funky! But you did get a chance to wear your cool space blanket!

  6. i wasn't too happy about the weather either...

    sorry i missed you at CM, i hope your visit with Tim was better...


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