Sunday, April 01, 2007

MVCT (07) Race Report

So, I was asking a friend of mine this morning, "How long do you think I'll be able to milk this 'I've had a bad cold and that's why I suck so much' thing?" and she said, "I think your time is about up."

So it is with heavy heart that I admit that I really need to train. I don't suck because I have a cold. I suck because I suck.

But anyway.

The Mesilla Valley Track Club Sprint Triathlon is a reverse tri, 5K-25K-500m pool swim, held near Las Cruces, New Mexico. I did this race last year, and I seem to recall being the slowest one, finishing dead last but I can't find my results just now, so I don't know for sure. I tried warming up for the run, which helped a bit, but it wasn't too long into the 5K before my heart rate soared up into the 170's and I started sucking wind. KrissyGo ran past me early on and said Hi, and eventually, so did most other folks. I did a bit better than last week's triathlon, probably because it was flat. I originally was going to pace off a friend of mine that I passed last year, but I'm so out of shape that she blew me away. So I tried someone else. Eventually I gave up and slogged in, finishing the 5K in 32:59, which is actually an improvement over my run in January, I think. And this time, I wasn't nauseated.
The bike is quickly becoming a beloved part of the triathlon for me, particularly in reverse tris, because I get to pass people who blew me away on the run. They say that it's rude to count out loud the number of people that you pass in a race, but that doesn't mean I can't whisper to myself, "there he is - number six" so that's what I did. It's pretty bumpy pavement most of the way with rollers. I like to attack the upslope on the rollers and stay seated, so that as soon as my cadence drops even a tiny bit I shift down, and then shift back up as soon as I feel my feel lifting off the the pedals on the downslope. I stayed in the big ring and I finished the 15.6 miles in 59:33. Nothing interesting happened. (I didn't even leave my brakes on this time.)

(This would be a good time to utter a friendly reminder to folks out there who are reading this and contemplating their first triathlon. First, please, I'm so glad you are enjoying this, but triathlons are not a good time to practice riding down the center of the bike lane with no hands, weaving back and forth just for fun. Also, could you please, please, please make sure you keep to the right on the bike, unless you are blazing fast? Finally, I'm so glad that you are doing this with your very favorite friend or sweetheart, but you're not supposed to ride side-by-side like that; in fact, you can get a penalty for doing any of the things I've just mentioned. Just take off your headphones, and have a great time. Thanks in advance!)

The 500 meter swim seemed to go on forever. It's a 50 meter pool, and of course, I've barely glanced at pools in the past three months. My time was a shameful 14:50, and I was whooped.

I didn't really expect any blingy bling, and I didn't get any. My age division at this fairly large in this race (for the southwest series, anyway) and was 6 deep, and sixth is what I got. I had a good time, though: beautiful, windless day, and a nice race! My goal was to finish in 1:55 or less, and I finished in 1:50. Sweet Baboo got first Clydesdale in the 40+ division, (of course) and Mini-baboo got first place in the 16 and under.

This week, I start my training anew, now that I'm over the cold (now I just seem to have some annoying throat clearing disorder, which doesn't really affect me but seems to affect Sweet Baboo to no end, although he's too nice to do anything about it except glance at me sideways each and EVERY time I loudly clear my throat) and it's warmer out. I want to start getting ready for Ransom Canyon sprint tri in May, the second time I've done it. It will be my first open water swim for this season. My main goal for that race is to make it up that grade 9 hill at the beginning of the bike without swearing OR getting off my bike.

Yes. I will start training. This time, I mean it.

No really.

Seriously. I mean it this time.

Stop laughing!

I really do mean it.



  1. You and me both, sister! :D

    Thanks for the heads-up on the awards. I guess all the other women my age stayed home this morning.

    Good luck at your 1/2 marathon...I'll see you at Jay Bensen next. Maybe we'll actually get to race. What are the standings now? GeekGirl-1; KrissyGo-1; Equipment Gremlins-2. We'll show 'em!

    Train hard. Go fast!

  2. you know, I almost wish I had been there.


    I don't know why I wasn't. Except, well, it just never occurred to me. That and my coach said no. Guh.

    Good for you for meeting your goal - you'll get there on the next one!

  3. Honestly, we weren't laughing, really...

  4. Good post. Might just be the kick in the pants several of us need!

  5. Could we maybe post your friendly reminder on a big sign? The "we're best buddies & we're riding side by side" thing drives me CRAZY!!! I'm all for comraderie, but seriously! What makes these people so oblivious to the hundreds/thousands of other people around them?

  6. Beats me. I'm continuously amazed at people who engage in any sport and never read the rules.

  7. I believe you! Good job- especially when you weren't feeling 100%
    Congrats to all of you!

  8. Amazing how I found this blog, I was looking for the MVTC results, I don't think they are yet published. I am probably one of the riders you saw riding with out hands, though I wasn't weaving at all. My lower back doesn't like staying crunched the whole time so I sit up every few miles to stretch.

    Glad you had a good time, it was a fun event.


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