Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More triathlon tips.

Okay, so I've told a couple people this story, and they thought it fairly entertaining, so I'll share it with you.

It is fall of 2005. Mini-baboo, who is at the time 14. And a HALF. is doing his first or second triathlon.

He REALLY, DESPERATELY wants to big one of the big boys, (those big triathlon boys are SO COOOOOOL!) so he's hanging around sharing all the things he's heard Sweet Baboo say, or things he's read in a magazine.

At one point he overhears one of the big boys talking about struggling into a wetsuit, and he says, well actually he yells, excitedly,

"Hey! Hey! I know what you do for that! You're supposed to rub Spam all over your body!"

All heads, and I mean ALL heads, within hearing distance, swivel toward this revelation.



"Could you possibly mean, 'Pam' ?"

"What's the difference?"

The difference was patiently explained to him. Being that one is a spray on cooking lubricant, and the other canned pork. Not that it might have been any less able to get you into a wetsuit, we surmised later over the T3 repast. But it is a bit smelly. Plus, we're vegans. No potted meats for us.

Our team, the Outlaws, likes to give nicknames based on something silly or embarassing, or some quirk about you. It took quite a lot of effort to avoid the inevitable nickname they wanted to bestow upon him (SpamBoy will never know how hard I worked on his behalf, to get him nicknamed, "El Chivato") as 14-year-olds do NOT have a well-developed sense of humor nor do they enjoy laughing at themselves.



  1. Hilarious. SpamBoy!
    What did the kid do while you were gone this weekend to warrant these two posts?

    I have two of them (boys) to look forward to their teenage years - heaven help me.

  2. That is the cutest story :-) Reminds me of the time my little brother hit a deer with his car. By the law, the police officer who came to the accident scene had to ask my brother if he wanted the deer. My sweet, sweet brother responded, "What for? It's dead." It would never have occurred to him to eat the deer. Had the deer been alive, however, I'm sure he would have willingly brought the animal home for us to care for. That story made it around our rural, conservative town full of hunters pretty fast! It's one of my favorite stories about him. So, MiniBaboo may not appreciate the humor now, but I bet he will... someday.

  3. Definitely do NOT apply Spam pre-swim in shark-infested waters.

  4. Ok, I'll jump in with a story about Mini-B.

    He was telling his great-grandma about how he had raked and bagged leaves for his grandpa. She asked him "Did you get paid by the bag?" to which he responded' "No, grandpa paid me."

  5. Actually, he didn't do anything this weekend. He was just exceptionally ornery on the day I did the first one about teenagers.

  6. You're NOT supposed to use Spam? That would explain all the fish lickin' my toes ;)

  7. I suppose Spam has to be used for something...that is, besides stomach spackle.


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