Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What good kitties do after an Ironman.

Sweet Baboo arrived home yesterday; he got up at 8 am the day after the race and drove from Tempe to Albuquerque, tired, but happy to be done, to have done, and be home.

He checked his email.

He got some food.

And then, he slept. For about 10 hours.


  1. How sweet! Congrats again to your man!

  2. The real question is what did he do TUESDAY? Did he get up and go to work?

    This is vital, as I currently have Monday off, and return to work Tuesday. I'll be able to sleep some in the car. I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth taking another day off.

  3. Sleepy kitten is a scream. I think that's most of us on Saturday afternoon after a long ride.

  4. Glad to hear SB is home safe and sound. And better rested. He certainly deserves the down time!

  5. Oh yeah. I have been sleepy kitty - after a long ride.

    Usually I pull the People in to bed with me and it's forced nap time for everyone. Luckily, they are still young enough for me to get away with this...

  6. Love the photos...I have felt like kitten number three many times, but don't recall falling asleep in my food ever. (And if I did, I am glad it was before camera phones!)

  7. I love the photos. Taming of a tiger!


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