Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things I just happen to know today.

1. If you take, oh, say, a MONTH off most running, it will Slow Your Ass Down. (Yeah, I know. DUH. but sometimes I just have to learn things for myself.)
2. The strawberries I bought on Thursday went and got themselves LOST. I know this because I went looking for them after doing my LSR this morning. When I asked mini-Baboo, he said he "FOUND" them. In the refrigerator. Then he asked me if he could use the Internet.
That happens a lot. Things getting lost, and then "found," by mini-Baboo, all right where I last last left them. For Pirate, it will happen twice as often. Bwahahahahah.
3. It takes me much longer to get ready for my long run when Sweet Baboo isn't here to say things like, "do you have your gels? your inhaler? your water? your watch?" etc.
4. Sweet Baboo, as I write this, is well on his way to not only be one of the Greater Sweet Baboos, but one of the Greater Sweet Iron Baboos. He finished his swim in 1:19:57. Bib#1184. Of course, he's already done an iron distance triathlon, but as several people have reminded him, he isn't a 'real' ironman because he hasn't finished a 'real' IronMan.

5. I am now officially insanely jealous of Pirate, because she's in the midst of pimping her training bike with a pink powder finish. I will not and cannot live in such a jealous state, so I'm going to pimp my commuter. I thinking pink with black polka dots, or black with pink polkadots. And a silly plastic basket with flowers for the front. And maybe streamers. And one of those horns you squeeze.

6. The Baboo and I have decided not to move to San Antonio after all, partly because after spending two days threshing 5 acres in March temperatures, Baboo started wondering what it would be like to thresh fifteen acres. In July. When he's sixty.
Instead we're searching Albuquerque for our empty-nest nest. When Mini-baboo, the youngest of the baboos, graduates in 2009, our house will be far too large, and we're pretty desperate to get out of Rio Rancho and move into Albuquerque.

Lost item of the day: the USB network adapter I bought for Mini-baboo's computer. Some small items I should never be allowed to touch.
Or, there should be a way for me to call them, like I do my cell phone when I can't find it.


  1. Ack! Why didn't I realize Baboo was at IMAZ? Go go go, that's a great swim! I'll be tracking him now!

  2. Been keeping track of Baboo....great swim! Waiting for the bike time. Hope the wind isn't as gusty as it is in Tucson! (I finished my ride before it started!)
    And I hope neither of you are listening to whomever decided that he "wasn't" an Ironman just 'cause he hadn't raced a race sponsored by the IM company! Geeze....some people.
    I have a neighbor who thinks that anything shorter than an IM distance should not be called a "triathlon"- ?????
    What to call it then?
    (P.S. He doesn't race! HA!)

  3. Watching SB - will he be happy with that bike time? hope so! Go Baboo go!

  4. gee I hope the run-mats aren't working, it looks as though everyone is doing it tough. Go SB go!

  5. Oh yes, you should pimp your ride. It feels so nice to get the bike I've always wanted.


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