Monday, September 24, 2007

Random bits of excitement.

1) I found a local source of chinese mock meat, in the freezer of a local world food market. As I write this, I am enjoying cajun mock shrimp, which is awesome, and Sweet Baboo is having some mock barbecued pork, which is so good, you can almost taste the trichinella.

2) My tattoo is finally past the reallllly itchy/peely stage. I'm going swimming tomorrow.

3) I managed to get through the day without throwing things at the head of a particular student, even though I thought about it more than once. Thought about it. Long and hard. (hah, heh, she said long and hard) Guess what, Miss Thang? Having a diagnosis of ODD in your record doesn't exempt you from being written up.

4) I've decided that 2008 will be the year of my first ultra marathon. I'm not fast, but I'm good at holding a pace (my coach even said so.) Here's some runs that I'm considering, for next year. If you've done any of these, let me know! I'd appreciate some feedback. The first 50K's I'd like to do would be ones that don't have cutoffs.

6) I'm almost caught up on my blog reading. I fell way behind.

7) I found a new blog I'm addicted to. Here's a sample:



  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I did the Fiesta half marathon in was good (hot air balloons at the start, flat course, cool medals and post-race party) but I heard they ran out of stuff at the aid stations for the full. I don't think they had the full marathon for 2007...maybe they will for 2008.

  2. Amazing to see how far along you have come. From that teacher who did not want to do anything to one who now wants to run an ultra. You girl are one awesome inspiration to other.

  3. Wow- those are some impressive races. Good for you.

  4. ok, i had to search to realize i missed the part about you being a vegetarian - now i understand the mock meat thing. :-)

    i've thought about an ultra too recently. if you're a consistent pace, you should do really well. i'd really like to do comrades in africa, but preferrably on a down year!

  5. I've hiked the La Luz trail and you're one tough chica to be thinking about running it!

    Good luck with your plans, whatever you ende up deciding to do!

  6. How about a trip to the Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota?

    C' know you want to come "home" again.

  7. an ultra huh? I would say something like I would NEVER do one of THOSE.... but I have learned from you to never say never. Good luck finding one you will enjoy - it will be interesting to hear your perspetive.
    I checked out the Hobo teacher site - it is very very funny. As a child of 2 teachers and the mother (teehee she said mother) of 2 HS boys I can appreciate it for sure!

  8. ODD in the classroom is just about as fun as borderline PD in an inlaw. Talk about "resistance" training!

  9. Chinese "mock meat"??? Are you not afraid it might turn out to be mushed up cardboard? Or contain rat poison or something? Be careful. :(

    Just a side note...I heard San Antonio is getting a Rock-n-Roll marathon for 2009. Might be something to check out for your 50-state marathon thing. Unless, of course, you're too cool now to JUST do 26.2 miles. Hee hee.

  10. An ULTRA? You're nuts.

    Those crazy students! I teach college, and there are a few that I'd like to hang out to dry now and then!!

  11. Ultra marathon-now that is a scary thought for me...I say go for it!

  12. You rock!

    If you need another member for the relay team, let me know. I was planning on doing the "get your ass over the pass" relay, but it's before my IM race.

  13. Ulta-marathon? That's on my list of goals before I turn 50. That's ummm... just 4 years away. I better get on the ball.

    I look forward to reading about your adventure.

    Stay tuned...


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