Monday, September 10, 2007


My heart goes out to everyone who raced yesterday - regardless of the outcome. For those that did not finish, even more so. I know that you made the best decision you could based on your health and welfare and the people who depend on you.

Congratulations to everyone who raced yesterday, regardless of the outcome. You signed up, you showed up and toed the start line and took off at the gun/cannon/air horn/whistle/guy shouting "go!"

A shout out to the new Ironmen among us. I look forward to reading about your race an post-race experiences. I look foward to reading all your racing posts. There were so many of you that it might take me a while!


  1. What you said! In spades!

  2. It was good meeting you and Brian this weekend! :)

    p.s. if you looked at PM results and were wondering what happened to Mike and me, we got pulled off the course due to ligtning...definitely not either of our own decisions. :P

  3. what is the plural of Ironman? It doesn't have a feminin. So should it be Ironmans? Or like you have it, Ironmen? If it is Ironmen, then perhaps there could be an Ironwoman?


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