Friday, September 14, 2007

Tomorrow: an M-dot and a horse (maybe)

I've been lazy this week. Most of my energy has been spent whining to Pirate about my training plan, part of which I missed because it's a report card week and part of which I missed because I. Am. Lazy.
So at swim the other night I was whining, "What the hell is this $#it? Where's my recovery?"
and Pirate says, "It's an active recovery"
I'm guessing that's something like a dry heat. Or a wet cold.

Anyway, I've spent more time whining than actually working out.

Time's up, and party's over. Time to get back to work.

Next up: SOMA 70.3 Triathlon in Arizona. I did this one last year and LOVED it. Flat, fast, and fun. It'll be fun comparing my time to last year, since, you know, I like, trained and stuff this year.

Saturday's schedule:

6:30-ish - 10 mile run with hills

9:30-ish - Shower. Coffee. Maybe breakfast.

10:3-ish - Get inked in Albuquerque. I've drawn up my own design having to do with Kentucky and the M-dot, but I'm going to discuss it with the artiste' as well because, so far, he did not like my design. We'll see.

Pictures to follow...



  1. Have a wonderful day ... lookin' forward to those pix!

  2. Who cares if the artist didn't like your design? You are the one that will be sporting it for the rest of your life...
    And hey, after you get inked, don't you have to stay out of the H2O for awhile??? Like a couple weeks?

  3. Cool. Looking forward to photos!!

  4. SOMA is in my hometown..if I can I will be there to cheer! :>)

  5. Post them tattoo pics! Hope it's in a location that is , er, viewable in mixed company!

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Very earned it!

    you might add:
    5:00-ish -shot of tequila to toast M-dot tattoo.


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