Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No motivation.

I'm so tired when I get off work.   Anything that happens is an easy excuse not to work out.  I know I feel better when I run, but it's so hard to get started.  

I try "bullshitting' myself by just getting dressed for a walk/ hike.  But then it's really windy, or it snows, and I use that as an easy excuse to not work out.  Can't ride today; it's too windy.  Can't run, it's dark and snowing.   Can't do anything, becuase I'm tired.  And bored.  And hungry.  


I need a motivation pill.  Who makes that?



  1. So the course map of IM-UTE doesn't get you out the door?

  2. And have you got the treadmill and trainer set up in the new house? You could make it an 'excuse-free' zone

  3. When you find that pill, please advise. ;-)

  4. girl i know the feeling! sometimes i just have to make myself go suck it up for 5 or 10 minutes and hope i've gotten more in the mood by then, and if not - at least i did SOMETHING. sometimes though, a day of rest is needed too. lately the "i can take a break at 10 minutes" has been working for me, and then once i get there i can talk myself into a little more, and then a little more...

  5. I hope you find your motivation! It stinks being in a 'rut'... Good luck!

  6. Ah, That's why I workout in the morning, no excuses!

  7. Take it from someone who knows - part of this is because of your thyroid. When you feel better you'll find yourself more motivated. I personally HAVE TO work out in the morning otherwise it doesn't happen. Makes it challenging when I'm training for a marathon because I'm a slow runner. If a have a 9 miler mid week, I'm out in the dark, in the summer when it gets light early, because I have to be home to get ready for work. Still, I almost never miss a morning workout and can find every reason in the world not to work out in the evenings.

  8. "I thought of it while riding my bike."
    Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity.

  9. I agree with you but I somehow get my butt out the door, then it's easy peasy........

  10. Me. C. Palen& Co.
    No excuses.
    Get out the door-
    you will love yourself for it!


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