Thursday, April 02, 2009

Things I just happen to know today.

1) My last kid is going to graduate from high school. On time. (Whew!)

2) Now that that I have a settled, peaceful life I get to sit back and spectate on the drama of my two older kids lives. I wonder if I was this entertaining to my parents. I'm not worried about them, just curious. It's like Tevo-ing a soap opera. What will happen today, I wonder. Will Sarah find out that Juan is not who she thinks he is?

3) I know that there are now two places where I never, ever, ever want to live. One is the southernmost desert southwest US, home of the Palo Verde beetle as well as wasps the size of hummingbirds that feed on Tarantulas, and are considered to be "one of the most painful insect stings in the world". THE WORLD. Did you read that? THE WORLD.
The other is Fargo, ND, where one can apparently watch small icebergs float by from the comfort of their 2nd floor. I typed "Fargo ND ice jam" into an image search engine and was introduced to a staggering array from many previous years. I lived through blizzards and The Great Flood of '93 in South Dakota, and as soon as my education was done, I was outta there.
To my way of thinking, this unpleasantness is of biblical proportions. All that's missing is the toads and locusts.

4) I don't miss teaching, but I sure miss those kids. I haven't ruled out the thought of returning to schools some day. I just don't want to do it as a teacher.

5) I know I'm recovering, training-wise. I did a 6-mile pavement run last week, and a 7-mile pavement run this week. This week I was faster, and felt better afterwards. My loosely-made plan is to extend this run by one mile each week, and to run it after work, acclimate to running when I'm tired and it's hot. necessary training for BSLT 70.3. My first "test" will be the Jay Benson Sprint Triathon on Mother's Day.

6) I feel better today. I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in weeks. I figure this is either due to thyroid medication, the return to my old WW diet, or my run last night and the subsequent coma of sleep I attained. Or all three.

7) I know now that if I wear a low-cut shirt to charm people I'm presenting to, I should avoid eating anything that is crumbly.

8) I'm considering maybe doing some of my events for charity. I'm thinking NAMI. I mean, more good could come of it, other than just fitness and fun. What I don't know is how much of a hassel it is or how to get started.
If you've had experience just flat-out picking a charity and doing stuff on their behalf, email me. I'd like some pointers.


  1. As a long time resident of Fargo, ND I have to admit living here definitely comes with its challenges. Still to see a city become a community over night and work long and hard to help each other is something I will remember for a very long time.


  2. You're more hard-core than I am. I lived in South Dakota for 9 years and it was just about too much!

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I have read your blog for a little bit, mostly from the reader, so didn't realize that you were planning on racing BSLT until the post today. I just signed up this morning for that race and will be doing my first IM in Canada in August. Maybe I'll see you in Lubbock.

  4. Oh, yes, I signed up last year because it's their anniversary. I won't be hard to spot - I'll be the big girl on the beach with the wetsuit that doesn't fit properly.

  5. On number 6- you feel better because you FEEL better. Things are resolving. The Synthroid takes a couple of weeks to build up in your body, but it does make you feel better.

    Welcome back to feeling great!

  6. 2) probably, I think it's a mother's reward
    6) YAY!!
    7) LOL

  7. I'm glad your feeling better. ITA, with the Fargo thing-wow.

  8. Hi Misty!
    Fellow athena here. Every event I do is for charity but I have an in-house cause with a kid with type 1 diabetes. We are constantly working on raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (jdrf)if you're interested, check out But I also know people who do the Janus Charity Challenge ( you should check that out for your upcoming Iron race. Be healthy and happy racing!!

  9. Glad you're feeling good and you are getting in some good runs.
    The tarantula wasps aren't "out" yet, but it's a good thing to wear a helmet when riding as I have had them fly right into me and it's like getting plunked with a small rock!
    I have raced for CAF (Challenged Athlete's Foundation) and it was a great experience! Really want to collect for them again in the future.

  10. Glad you are feeling better!! Your thryroid was definitely low-will be surprised if not a big boost for you...

  11. What an inspirational blog- discovered at a time when i needed another nudge. thank you. you are sure to feature on my weekly reading list


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