Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ah, Garmin, what hath thou wrought?

I bet that's really, really bad old English. Keep it to yourself. I wasn't an English major.

So, I got this email from Sweet Baboo yesterday:

To: Misty
From: Baboo
Subject: Drool

If I haven't mentioned it before then it bears repeating: I am totally the go-to person if you want to spend a lot of money and need someone to affirm your choice.

Why not? I work and earn some of the money, but I don't actually physically figure out how to make it all go where it needs to go. Sweet Baboo does all that, while making sure that I'm surrounded by a bubble of various types of insurance. I'm irresponsible with money.
Back in 2007 when I totaled my car, we were ordering a replacement. Baboo said, just offhandedly, "You know, I've never had a brand new car."

so I was all like, DUDE! You should TOTALLY GET a new car!

and he got all excited and said, Really? You think so?

and I was like, hell yes! You work hard! You should right now tell that salesman you want a new car.

I was excited. Baboo was excited. The salesman was excited.

It's just that I was very, very, very poor once, and so was Baboo. We are self-made people. I went to school for eight years, and Baboo went to school for eight years, and then we met, married, and are now comfortable. Also, all the kids are now grown and gone, along with that huge sucking sound. Now we get to buy toys. And PLAY with them.

So, the Garmin. I'm all, hell, why not? but actually, I have a viable rationale: the battery on my Forerunner 301 tends to run out within 8 to 10 hours. It is no secret that my long course triathlons and ultra runs do not end after 8 to 10 hours. I want an instrument that allows me to obsess and worry for the full duration of the event. I want it to last as long as I do. (generally, about 16 or 17 hours). Oh, and the 310 is waterproof.

Dread Pirate and I have been working on why she should get one, such as, my 301 is dirty, and it's not waterproof, so I can't wash it, and other compelling reasons.

Now, then, I invite you to contribute and practice stating why one must have such an instrument (MSRP $349.) Share and post your rationale here.



  1. Can you ask Garmin if they can give you one so you can post a review on your blog?

  2. Must have because it's the newest gadget with waterproof upgrade. But, look for a better and upgraded one next year. It'll likely have google maps on it and retail for as much as a new laptop.
    Never be afraid to buy the best, you'll always be satisfied with it.

  3. I'm not much of a HRM person, but I'm all about knowing my pace, dist, time and so on...oh, and I love that it can work with my PowerTap! I'm super stoked for this to actually be available sometime soon. I want one so bad...

    My justification is the my Timex Bodylink broke (grrr!) and the Forerunner 205 that I was given as a replacement is HUGE. So the 310 is a little smaller, a little lighter, and does so much more! Rock on!

  4. Get one for you, for Baboo, and for Dread Pirate. You will be helping the economy. I'll get one too.

  5. I think the fact that this device is waterproof and lasts for many, many hours is justification enough. You can use it for the WHOLE RACE! And it's cute. And it has a lot of buttons. I need one, too.

  6. It will contribute to your fitness and continued health, therefore is actually a contribution to the economy (in terms of less drain on the health care system) and should actually be a tax deduction

  7. When it comes to spending money towards your health, NOTHING is too expensive. Buy anything you need and want. If it will make you get out and work harder and longer, get it. You are worth it. Money does nothing sitting in the bank. Life is short; get it today!

  8. I looked closely at the picture of it on the website, and I think I saw your name written on it ;)

  9. Make a deal with yourself-- pack a healthy lunch at least 3 days a week and over a year, you will save enough money to buy one for you and one for Baboo. But this is like a mortgage-- you can buy the Garmins as soon as you make the promise.

  10. Ah, Shelly - I'm ahead on the deal! Every day, Baboo has a double-pattied boca burger on whole wheat, or leftovers. I always have "crustless quiche" made with egg beaters and veggies. We win!


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