Monday, April 20, 2009

wait. what?

So, Friday's message from the Economics teacher was a progress report that highlighted Mini-baboo's deficiencies.  Mini-baboo, to remind you, is a senior, and has been vascillating between graduating/not graduating since January, when he must have decided that schoolwork was for suckers. 

So I responded to the teacher with a comment about how Mini-baboo needs to get his current events in, apparently, and that I was forwarding this to him.  I copied Mini-baboo to his email account.

To which he responded, by texting me.  He texted me, "don't email my teachers, you don't need to be in my business."  Oh, yes he did.  he texted me that.  from the phone that I PAY FOR.  The phone that I--wait, what?  I need to WHAT?  Rrrrr.

Life in the 21st century, arguing with your teenagers by text and email.

So I sent him an email:

TO: Mini-baboo1991

SUBJECT: Since you're all grown up now...

BODY: ...and you don't need me to email you or your teachers or be all up in your business, I'm thinking you can probably handle your own birthday celebration, you know, paying for it and all. That's my thought.  I don't know.  What do you think??

we'll see how he responds.  Meanwhile, the opthamologist says that my eyelid twitch probably is more likely from stress rather than too much thyroid medication.  Are you experiencing any unusually stressful events, he wants to know...


  1. Repeat after me: Serenity Now.

    This too shall pass, momma. Hang in there!
    (Doesn't mean you can't dream about smothering him in his sleep or jamming that cell phone DEEP into his ear though..... )

  2. Oh my...congratulations exhibiting supreme self-control and NOT sticking the phone where the sun doesn't shine.

  3. Awesome response! Did you smack him silly when he got home?

  4. thank you for standing up to your kids! too many parents these days bend over backwards and are turning all the kids into spoiled, ingrateful brats who can't do anything for themselves. ok, sorry for the rant. but really, thanks for putting your foot down and being a parent! hope you are able to pull him back in line quickly.

  5. Go for a run...or a ride...or a swim..or yoga or something...

    Love the message! :-)

    (Who pays for the phone BTW? When my daughter got all huffy about being "all grown up" I cut her off the account!)

  6. I have a son. My son was thinking it was fine to use my house as an occasional crash pad, place to forage for food, to shower and do laundry. We had a little talk. I suggested that maybe he needed his own house for all of those things. Life is much better now.

  7. OMG-I am sorry but I am laughing...this is so typical teenage behavior..Ge is so going to get quite the wakeup call in boot camp! Hang in there Misty-you know this is not who he is going to turn out to be!

  8. This is my daughter! Can't wait to read up what he answers to you...

  9. Hang in there... this too will pass (ours finally did). I reminded my then teenagers (you think the youngest would learn from watching the oldest - nope)that I/we pay for everything ... including the air condintioned air that they breath. I have cut off cell phones, email accts, computer access (they sure didnt like going to the public library), allowances, cars (city bus wasnt very fun or fast or cool), car insurance, put a pad lock on the fridge/freezer, took their skateboard, letterman's jackets, surfboard & wakeboards away, and removed every fun electronic from the familyroom & put it under lock and key.
    Amazing... the attitude never lasted more than 3 days max !

    Life is easy if you learn to play my game which really only has 3 rules: 1) be nice = no lying, hitting, punching etc. 2) do your homework AND hand it in, 3) do your chores. Simple rules in exchange for great living conditions FOR FREE !

    It worked, 1 is a pilot, 1 is a firefighter, 1 is in nursing school... hang in there, this too shall pass and then you will be free!

  10. I think my favorite part of this post is not the content, but the tag.

    Doesn't he need this diploma to get his Village People on?

  11. re: twitching
    I can only think of Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movies.

    Hope Mini-babboo chooses to turn things around!

  12. I think you are at my house!!! My son told me the same thing!

  13. Only a few more weeks!!!


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