Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last Rites.

Two weeks ago I shared with my friends that the Fit is no longer Go.

Well, that's not too bad, is it? I mean, that's pretty much what it looked like before.

However, this is the side that wasn't hit.

Here's the side that was hit.

Oooo, ug-lay!

For the life of me, I can't figure out how that got ripped in the side.
I don't remember there being a sawtooth implement on the front of that truck.

As of now, State Farm has referred my case to their "total loss" department. So very soon, the Fit will probably be reincarnated.

It was a very good car, so maybe it will come back as another Honda. (Bad cars are reincarnated as Hummers.)



  1. I'll hug my fit for you all tonight

  2. God, I missed that post about the accident...glad everyone is ok! Poor car though....

  3. I heart Hondas. They run forever and ever.

  4. Wow...The fit is f*&$ed. Glad everyone survived. Honda's are great cars and last a long time. I regret ever selling the one I had. But at 400 pounds it was tough to get in and out of.


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