Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bad thoughts.

I may actually finally finish an entire week of training plan without missing a workout. This is HUGE, and it will be the second time I've EVER done this, because I'm lazy.

No, that's not right. I wouldn't call someone else who pedals up hills in a 70.3 triathlon crying and swearing lazy. So, I won't call myself that.
To be correct, I get bored. I will often stop a workout because I'm so bored.


I wanted to write about how some days I feel slow, and some days I feel fast.

Today was one of the former. Last night was one of the latter.

Tonight I did brick/interval workouts with hill repeats by the Jimmy with the gang. I never feel so impotent as when running hills. Pirate and Sweet Baboo and the others all sprint ahead of me, giggling and laughing and carrying on conversations that I'm too slow to hear...
and so I trudge along behind them at the speed of smell, showing up huffing and puffing long after they've finished and are doing their post sprint stretches. Bastards.

Oh, yes. I felt very slow tonight. Glacially slow.

But last night, thought, I felt fast. Pirate and I seem to have settled on a nice Tuesday routine, one that I enjoy: Tuesday night swim workouts at the nearly childless gym. I do pyramids. I swim pyramids.

So, ANYway, I felt like my arm turnover was faster. I felt faster. Of course, I wasn't wearing a watch; why wear a watch when you can be deluded as to how fast you are? I'm just sayin'. It also probably helps that I've actually BEEN swimming. I used to skip swim workouts, like maybe I'd get in the pool twice a month. Now I'm doing it two -three times a week.

Whatever the reason, I felt fast.

So when I have nights like tonight, when I feel apallingly slow, and I hang onto nights like last night, in which I felt fast.

It gets me through the bad times, when the evil voices in my head ask me just who the hell I think I'm kidding? Then I remember the times I've felt blazing fast.
If you're looking for a motivator, do this. Write them down if you have to. They make the bad times easier.

So, I'll put up my feet, relax, and feel good about myself. Bad thoughts and voices at bay, check.


  1. I'm right there with ya. The "fast" feeling days are what keep me training. The "slow" feeling days just have to be endured.

    Also, I <3 your use of demotivators...have one on my post yesterday as a matter of fact. I almost used "Incompetence", but ended up choosing "Ineptitude." Great minds think alike, no? :)

  2. you were so fast you lapped me in the pool - miss fast swimmer person!

    I do know what you mean about feeling slow. Really feeling the slow. I also know that I've gotten faster and more confident about it all the more I do this. The consistency thing is key for me.

  3. Some workouts are just tough, mentally and speedwise. You aren't kidding anyone. We all know you'll be victorious in your journey. It's the internal committee that doubts which is why they need to shut up and sit down. :)

    Love the toes. Keep on keeping on!

  4. Isn't it funny how things can change. Sometimes I feel like there is cement in my shoes. Luckily everyday is not that way or we'd quit. No matter what the speed just remember those toes look great.

  5. I don't feel slow, I am slow. I think when you finally realize it and embrace it like I do it makes it less stressful. Sometimes I do feel fast and that at least puts a smile on my face. Even if I am the slowest out there, I still feel good and love the racin. Good Luck on picking a new ride.


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