Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bad Day. Pouting

Today was definitely
If you're reading this, you are the lucky recipient of my bitching and whining.

The goal: 70 mile training ride.
the result: 39 miles and some change, and a 2+ mile walk.

Here's why today sucked so utterly:

1. Flat wings suck. At least, mine does. My bottles bounced out about 6 or 7 times during the 31 miles I put in today. Then the yellow thingy that keeps my aerobottle from splashing HEED all over me fell out, and blew off the trail. I didn't want to put it, all dusty and stuff, back into the bottle, so I and my new bike were showered with HEED whenever I went over any little bump, which was often, until I finally just drank the whole thing down to be done with it.

2. I'm still hurting from last weekend. No, not my legs. Think higher. No, not my sit bones. Think slightly lower. This may be a new saddle issue. In any case, it remains a source of anger and frustration for me. I finally turned back at the 31 mile mark and told people to go finish with me as I was unable to maintain an aero position and couldn't see doing another 40 miles sitting bolt upright.

3. My first flat. Oh, how proud I was when I sat down to change it! 'Cause I know just how to to do that!
there's no tire iron. Okay, no tire iron - um, okay - I can use the rounded end of my key. My tubes are always filled with stans, anyway, so I'll use the cartrige to air it back up.
Except...okay, um they aren't filled with Stans today. I'll change the tube. Oh. I don't HAVE the right sized tube. Um, okay, I'll stick a 700 tube in there for a temporary fix to get me the 4-5 miles or so back to my car...

4. The jerk who made a U-turn in his SEMI, forcing me off the rode. he never saw me. I think he could have easily hit me and knocked me off the rode and never known it. A$$HO&E! He'd have been all like, "what was that bump? Ah, probably just some road debris." I've never known that kind of futile fury before...I wanted to clog down the road in my cycling shoes and throw handsful of gravel at him. Which he'd have never been aware of.

5. After I was forced off the road by the A$$HO&E, my jerry-rigged back tire immediately went flat again. >Sigh.<>
So I hoofed it. 2.7 miles. In my bike shoes.

I. Hate. Cycling.

Tomorrow I will run. On a trail. In my shoes. Which will not go flat.
Oh, and Did I mention I hate cycling?


  1. Rough day for sure! Tomorrow will be better and you will love your bike again soon (I guess that is if you ever loved it in the first place!).

  2. Well that sucks. Regarding the aero bottle, buy one of those shower scrubby things with the little tether thing. Loop the tether around your straw. Now you're set! :-)

    Sounds like you've had enough bad luck for several rides, so your next one should go off without a hitch!

  3. What a day! Helps to moan though and it makes for a good read if thats any consolation.

  4. You had me disgusted at "HEED". Yuck!!

  5. Oh, I love HEED. I love the barely-there taste and you know what they say: if it tastes good then you're more likely to drink, so that's important. Bunnygirl: What an awesome idea! I'm headed to Target later today to get me one of those.

  6. If it helps to have a term to refer to what is hurting you, in my house it is known on men as the ABC - ass/ball connection. We decided the female equivalent is the AVC.
    I'm so sorry your bike let you down and flatted out, was it your new baby?
    What are Stans?

  7. I'm doing a lot of "cycling" on the trainer. Much safer, much easier logistics. Of course, my bike handling deteriorates....

  8. Here's to a better day on the run!

  9. Sorry you had such a crummy day! Sometimes I htink we have to have crappy ones like this to get good ones the next day, or to at least appreciate them! Even so, a 30 mile ride, to me, is incredible!

  10. oh it all just sounds AWFUL - pout away! Then tell us about your great run :)

  11. If you stumble upon a cure for lacerated lady parts, please pass it on...

    The only good thing about a bike ride is when it's over.

  12. Oh how I feel your pain! Wrote a very similar post a couple weeks ago. I especially like the fact that my running shoes don't go flat. :-)


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