Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good News, Bad News, and random pics.

The Good News:
I'm sticking with my training plan, mostly. I did a six mile run today faster than I've ever done a six mile run. For some reason, although my Garmin was telling me my pace, it didn't record it. So you'll just have to take my word for it that it was around 11:30 or so per mile. Then I did a 2000 meter swim. Then I forgot my coffee. I'll sleep well tonight. But I'm happy.

The Bad News:
The conversation I had recently with an administrator at my school. This is the third time I've applied for the same position, which keeps opening up for various reasons, and it's the fifth application I've made for a counselor position at MY SCHOOL. Where I've been teaching For. FIVE. YEARS.

"I was wondering the status was on the school counselor position?
I sent in a letter of interest and resume last month, but never heard anything."

"Which counselor position? oh, you mean the one that was filled last week?"

(Note to those of you with the R and NC-17 blog ratings: it is the substitution of symbols for actual letters that keeps the rating of my blog down...)

Random pics
As anyone with a new digital camera can attest, it is necessary to bore those around you with pictures from time to time. BTW, why is it that whenever you upload a picture to blogger it makes all the spaces between each paragraph double? Weird.

This is Maria "go-go" Ladd and hubby Mark. Maria is scary fast. She did IMAZ in twelve-something. Yeah. On the day that they shut down the Phoenix airport because of heavy winds, Marie was something like third in her age group. She's going to the 70.3 IM championship in Clearwater in November.

Mini-baboo demonstrates the requisite enthusiasm of 16-year-old at 6 am. Forgive his grumpiness. He hasn't had his coffee yet. Mostly because mama won't give him any. Anyway, he's 5'10" or so and around 190 pounds. He may qualify for Clydesdale soon if he doesn't get off his butt and start training.

On any given weekend, you never know what people are doing. While we were picking up our BSLT packets and racing around a Texas canyon, these guys were racing around land that their organization had purchased just for the purpose of dressing up as cowboys from the old west and running around with single action pistols. It's kind of cowboy creative anachronism.

Ah, the triathlon family. →
Eleven water bottles, 2 LARGE coffee cups, and an aerobottle.



  1. My garmin has pulled the same thing on me a couple times before too. Not sure why but after turning it off and using it later on.. it worked fine. Sorry about the school position. You can continue to counsel us wayward bloggers. Nice run too by the way.

  2. another caring and thoughtful administrator - I continually am convinced that with so few exceptions, leadership is bankrupt in the "civilian" world...

  3. Good news: That is awesome! I am impressed..tell me your secret on running fast-is it those killer track workouts?
    Bad news: That really sucks. Did you ask them how come you did not get the job?

  4. Good job on the brick.

    Sorry about the job, betcha they hired some ditzy young thing who acts like Mr. Mackey, mmmkay

  5. SWTrigal, the general response seems to be usually, "we think you'll make a great counselor some day. We hired someone who was experience."

  6. Love the dishwasher pic!

  7. Hey!!! Your dishwasher looks like my dishwasher. :-)

  8. OBJECTION! I note for the record that there is no picture of the fictional Dread Pirate.

    It's a real kick in the shorts when employers fail to give the common courtesy or respect that is due. The most important asset of any enterprise are those folks going in and out the doors every day.

  9. HOw DO these administrators get these jobs? Some of my principals have been so clueless it's downright sad so one can't even get mad at them!
    I would take this as "something else, something better is coming along the pike and you were meant to be a counselor somewhere else"-I would have to, or I would try to get back at the guy for not realizing that you were wanting the position! SHeesh!
    Pictures are never boring! I love photos-even if it is bottles in a dishwasher. I don't HAVE a dishwasher, so it's fun for me...hee,hee!

  10. Ha ha ha ha! That's my dishwasher too! ESPECIALLY on the weekend - long rides + long runs = full dishwasher.

  11. Great photos- my son is exactly the same size.

  12. I think it is very important to "bore" us with random pictures, keeps it interesting. Being a "visual" I love when folks post photos. The dishwasher shot - classic!!!


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