Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What my coach said.

"...You should be resting. I don't want to sabotage anything
you have worked so hard for. ...you have to trust me with my
recovery recommendations.

Why this is funny:

Trust me when I say that nobody has to convince me to rest. Ever.

In the world of competitive resting, I reign supreme.

I'm about to order a "water hammock" which allows you to float, partially submerged, while napping. Sweet Baboo and I are working out the logistics of my new back yard hammock, which will allow me to lie in the shade and nap.

Seriously. I'm not kidding. I'm very committed to napping. Very good at it.

I had one of those super hyper work-ethic generation Dads, so I occasionally feel guilty about it, but not for too long. I am of the opinion that Americans need to take more naps.

In between workouts and races of course.



  1. I love naps! I take one almost every day!

  2. We are birds of a feather.

    I'll nap after my morning run. I'll nap after my lunchtime swim. I'll nap before my afternoon ride.

    On my rest day I'll take a mid-morning nap. Eat lunch, then a mid-afternoon nap.

    I can nap.


  3. Naps are good. I try to get in a nap most days - in the name of training and recovery of course. Glad to hear that you are on the nap bandwagon as well.

  4. Hah! I could SO kick your ass in competitive resting.

  5. I once napped while standing in line at the college bookstore. I just put my basket down at my feet, leaned up against the wall, and dozed.
    Top that.

  6. naps are great! I feel sorry for those who cannot, for some reason, take a nap!

  7. Here's to napping! "clink"
    I couldn't get thru a hot Tucson summer without my afternoon siestas!
    When you get the hammock all set up you HAVE to post a pic....with you in it!

  8. Naps are great. Whenever someone mentions naps I always think of the Friends episode where Joey and Ross take naps on each other. Makes me laugh every time. Thank you for sending me that link to Jacob who ran the Boston Marathon. Turns out he is from Wisconsin as well. This really is a small world. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Okay. Now I'm officially jealous.

    When I am able to nap, people know I'm sick ...

  10. OK, Geekgrl, Nancy Toby, and Greyhound in a recovery nap smack-down!

    Very unexciting mental image of competitive napping.

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen...mount your beds!

    Ok that came out wrong. I can't nap. I'm one of those fools who , once their up are up.

  12. Napping = Heaven.
    Nothing beats crawling under a quilt in your street clothes and sleeping the afternoon away.

  13. my question is... your book about napping, did it put you to sleep?

  14. Napping is supposed to be great for your training/recovery. Seriously. Keep up the great training-er-napping.


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