Friday, June 15, 2007

What do you wish?

I wish cats didn't cought up hairballs. In the middle of the floor. Where I walk. And step on them, all cold and wet and gross, in the middle of the night.

Here are some other things I wish:
  • I wish I could have fried chicken without killing a chicken.
  • I wish everyone read to their kids.
  • I wish I were faster.
  • I wish the scones in coffee houses didn't have the nutritional value of an egg mcmuffin.
  • I wish I'd never smoked.
  • I wish I'd started running in high school.
  • I wish my Mom was still alive.
  • I wish mock meat was as common here as it is on the coast.
  • I wish my oldest son would go to college.
  • I wish my daughter would exercise more often.
  • I wish all religions practiced tolerance.
  • I wish I could call all my lost stuff, like I do my cell phone, and find it.
  • I wish there was a decent Indian food restaurant in the suburbs where I live.
  • I wish I could work full time as a mental health counselor without taking a huge pay cut.
  • I wish CD's didn't scratch.
  • I wish I could see around other people's cars.
  • I wish Conservatives would actually conserve, and that Democrats were more democratic.
  • I wish we spent as much money of the health and education of people as we do on war.
  • I wish I could turn the volume down on barking dogs.
  • I would I were more organized.
  • I wish people that thought understanding mathematics is as important as reading.
  • I wish I'd met Sweet Baboo much earlier than I did.
  • I wish summertime were longer.
  • I wish college wasn't so expensive.

I wish.

What do you wish?



  1. I wish I had the secret to keeping my body young forever and that I had not abused it those years ago..

  2. I wish chips were good for you.
    I wish I could get paid to work out (and paid well mind you)
    I wish I would have started reading your blog the day you started writing it
    I wish I would have not let myself go from 18 year old athlete to 38 year old tub of lard to 39 year old quasi athlete
    I wish everyone knew how fun it is to run and bike.
    I wish you guys were my neighbors.

  3. I wish I had my hearing back
    I wish my brother didn't have retnial cancer
    I wish the neighbors would move away
    I wish for unlimited wishes
    i wish more people had a sense of humor.

  4. I wish teenagers had a return policy sometimes.
    I wish I had been older when I started having kids.
    I wish my last college class was over and homework was done!
    I wish I had more time and less responsibility.
    I wish the neighbor kids would not get on the trampoline outside my bedroom window at 7am EVERY saturday and sunday.

  5. I wish I could be the parent home with my kids.

    I wish my house (and salary) were big enough that we could have more kids.

    I wish I had more energy sometimes to be a more patient parent.

    I wish that I accepted more often how lucky I am to have what I have and not wish for other stuff.

  6. I wish I could be a stay at home Dad.
    I wish I was as good of a spouse as my wife is.
    I wish Ironman had Clydesdale and Athena Divisions at the world championships.
    I wish my daughter wasn't growing up so quickly.
    I wish I was a better Christian.
    I wish all children could be happy and feel safe.
    I wish I wasn't complacent at my career.
    I wish I didn't have social anxiety.

  7. I wish star-trek transporters really existed.

    I wish it stayed 75 outside here year round.

    I wish carbon bikes cost, like, $200.

    I wish the house would clean itself.

  8. I wish I wasn't a procrastinator
    I wish my house wasn't so messy (not I didn't say I wish I was better at cleaning - I wish someone ELSE would clean it!)
    I wish I didn't always sabotage myself
    I wish for world peace
    I wish a certain person... never mind that one.
    I wish I were outside biking right now instead of inside pretending to work - hey, maybe I can make that one come true!

  9. I wish I could spend more time with my family - all of them - even those that I don't particularly like to spend time with.

    I wish I could somehow make the world a better place.

  10. I wish I could help my friend who is dying of anorexia get better. I do. I wish I could just take that away.

    I wish I weren't so afraid of things on my bike like going downhill, and cars.

    I wish I didn't have monthly freakouts.

  11. I wish I would have met up with you at the Deuce's Wild race....I bet we would have had a lot to talk about.

  12. OH YEAH..I wish my feet looked more like yours! :-)

  13. I wish that Duane had a good race today! I wish I could have been there.

  14. I wish there was peace on earth.
    I wish all kids would be healthy and safe.
    I wish there was no more sickness.
    I wish no animal would get mistreated, tested on or kill.
    I wish that I never let myself gain all that weight back.
    And to copy you because that is sooooo cute, I wish I had met my lovey years earlier to(but of course that would have probably put me in jail) :)

  15. "I wish I could call all my lost stuff, like I do my cell phone, and find it."

    That's the most brilliant wish I've ever heard. And it is now MY wish.


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