Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More random pics.

I really do think Pirate has too much time on her hands.
Here's the latest web plaything she's sent me. http://www.imagechef.com/ic/product.jsp

I used it to make my dream tattoo, which I'm going to finance as soon as I git that El Camino out of impound...

Now, for some random pictures...

Bunnygirl gave me the tip of putting a [new, unused] bath puff in my aero bottle and looping it around me straw. It worked splendidly!
I did a short 25 mile ride today, per the Jimmy. It was fabulous. It was a beautiful day.

Now, I've been thinking about the comfort issues that have been plaguing me for over a year now.

Writing about it violates my usual beliefs about privacy...I'm a bit shier than Nytro, and not inclined to share the innermost workings of of my "va-jay-jay." However, I do tend to lean strongly toward public service, so I will simply say this, to my fellow triathlettes:

The soreness issue that I've been going on about ad nauseum? I think it's been, how shall I say this, a maintanance issue. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. Email me if I'm not being clear.

Okay! Back to more random pictures.
Here's some grafitti I found on the back of a newspaper vending machine next to the place where Sweet Baboo and I do coffee sometimes.

Seriously. I cannot even remember from college what this means. but as a high school math teacher, I was thrilled!

A close up of one of my feet. See my flower toe. Aren't they pretty? I never thought of feet as nice before, but then when I was having my pedicure, a saw a woman with some seriously ugly feet. It's not nice to say. But I felt sorry for her. And now I like my feet.

Okay. This last one is the bike profile for ironman Louisville (click to see the larger version). The bike profile in the upper part is the one provided by the website. I don't know why race directors have to make them look like you're cycling the Alps. However, I took the picture and ran it through Photoshop, to make it more to scale (below). Now it doesn't look so scary.



  1. Those are pretty toes! Why would you ever want to cover them up with those sexy socks?

  2. Oh, that bike profile is sweet! I wish my training rides were that flat.

  3. Glad I could help! :-)

  4. yeah, her feet were pretty bad.

    I wasn't gonna say, but when they took out the power tools...


  5. Whats with the invasion of feet pictures one blog pages of late?

    mmmm calculus. I love me some calculus.

  6. Good move on rescaling the profile!

  7. Sorry...I missed it. What's the point of the bath sponge in the water bottle?


  8. I lost the yellow spongy thing that came in my aerobottle over the weekend. The bath puff was suggested as a good replacement.

  9. I am SO IN LOVE with the bath sponge idea! WAY better than paying 8 bucks at a bike shop for the replacement yellow dohickey!

  10. Allright...wrong question. What's the purpose of the sponge?


  11. Well, the aerobottle is open on top so that you can squeeze or pour water from an aid station or a water bottle on the fly...the meshy thing keeps bugs, et al out of the bottle and also prevents splashing. At least, in theory. The old meshy thing didn't do much for splashing, but the bath buff does. Of course, we want to use a NEW bath puff, not a used one...ew...

  12. Siren: I got these bath puffs at a dollar sale. There was a whole bag of them for $3.


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