Thursday, June 21, 2007

On carbs and kids.

For some reason I'm still ill in the mornings but better in the afternoon. And no, it's not THAT. This stinks, because it's really hot in the afternoon and I'd rather work out in the mornings.

In keeping with our new focus on NOT BONKING, EVAR, BECAUSE BONKING SUCKS, Sweet Baboo purchased for each of us a drink called "Carbo pro 1200" It's a bottled drink with 1200 calories in it. I'm expecting it to be sweet enough to crystallize my blood, but it might be okay, because we've used the powdered carb stuff and it's largely tasteless.

Sticky, as my handlebars can attest, but tasteless.

I'll be testing it this weekend at the Tri-raider sprint to see if it's something I want to use at IM Louisville. At 1200 calories and $14 per, I'll be chaining it to myself to make sure it doesn't bounced off before I get to drink it. I'll let you know how it works out.

16-year-old Mini-baboo will be present Sunday, but not racing, as we had not anticipated him being with us this weekend. It's just as well, because, (ahem) here's something I forgot to share earlier, even though it's a teachable moment for the young and arrogant, and a shining example of the a triumph of maturity and pacing over youth:

If you, the cross country runner and JV swim team member, lay around on your a$$ playing video games for several months in the off season despite warnings from your old, decrepit 42-year-old mother who doesn't know anything, there's every possibility that she will beat you in the Gallup Sprint Tri.

Yes, you read that right.

By over three minutes.



  1. Wow. Hadn't heard of it. If I'm eating 1200 calories in one item, I want to chew. And taste chocolate.

  2. I'm looking forward to the days when my kids are old enough for some family rivalry. I'll be nearing 50 at that point, so I'm sure they'll need to learn that same lesson. Hope I'll be in shape to teach them. Enjoy your weekend.

    And yeah, I'd prefer a meal for 1200 calories, but that might weigh a little heavier in your stomach while racing.

  3. Liquid carbs are unlikely to weigh me down, although one has to be careful to take in lots of water with them. You can't use this drink as your hydration source. I have it on good authority that one almost can't get too many carbs for racing, and women tend to vastly underconsume them. I'm trying to get my mind off feeling chunky and focus on making sure I have all the resources at hand to have a good, comfortable race. But like I said, I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. Check out Comm's old helpful post about ordering maltodextrin.

    Also, there is some evidence that bonking during training is useful:
    bonk on purpose

  5. Hey can you tell me what it has in it for carbs and if the whole bottle is one serving or if it is more than that. Looks tasty.

  6. Mike: it's 200 calories "per serving" and the bottle has 6 servings. Included in each serving: 150 mg sodiumm 100 mg potassium, 55 g of carbs. Carb source is a mixture of ribose, dextrose, trehalose, maltodextrin) Instructions are to sip 2-3 ounces per hour of activity followed by sips of water.

  7. I'll be interested in your experiences with this.

    I don't take enough calories in while racing, but i'm working on it. For my last couple, I actually took the time to plan what I was supposed to consume and make sure I had it with me and easily accessible. Next step is the discipline to follow through and eat the stuff. Maybe liquid carbs would be easier for me...

  8. Is this the same as the powder Carbo-Pro? If so-where did you get it?

  9. Oh, now that is just SWEET that you beat your kid at a tri. :)

    Let us know how the CarboPro holds up...I've been looking at that myself but haven't tried it yet.

  10. O.M.G.

    The humanity.

    Beaten by your mother in an athletic event--when you're an athlete!

    Good thing no one knows. It's not like you posted it on the internet or anything.

  11. Gallup Results speak for themselves. You so rock!!!!

    Have a great race.

  12. Hmm laying down the smack talk to her own mini baboos....whata mom

  13. Girls kick ass. Especially older girls with smarty sons (I count in that group too).
    Way to go momma!

  14. wow, good luck with the carbopro - I'm not sure I could do it - maybe early in a race, but definately not later -

  15. Hahahahaha to MB - that'll teach him

  16. well, ya know....maybe, just maybe, you'd have still beat him even if he was not quite so slothful.

    I seem to have taken to chomping cliff bars --one per hour-- on the bike and seem to be able to digest them. Who knew??? Also, I enjoy the curious looks I get from people who see my big self cranking towards or passing them while eating a big chocolate bar.

    "ON YOUR REFT!" Mary said with her mouth full...


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