Monday, June 25, 2007

The Luddite Sprint (Race report)

It was gorgeous, with little wind and even lots of CLOUDS. Here's my report on the Tri-Raider Sprint; I'll let the folks that did the long course do theirs. (Links below)

I have to say, "about" a lot because I brought 2 heart strap monitors for some reason, but not a single watch, and I still don't really know how to use my Cateye wireless, including resetting it. I suppose I could find out, but then I'd have to readdddd. From my tentative experiments, it's clear that there are at least three buttons involved. AARRRRrrrrrgggghhh.

This means that I didn't know how fast I was going, how far I had gone, how much time had gone by or how long I had to go. I just went when they said "go" and stopped when I saw a finish line. Which actually, is much more satisfying than one might think. You swim, you pedal, and you run, and you're not quite as obsessive as you usually are.

500 meter Swim
I've always counted to five when they they yelled GO! This time, however, I said to myself, "Screw 'em, if they have to pass me, that's their problem," and when the air horn sounded I ran in and dove. Last year, my swim didn't get recorded for some reason, so my T1 was the first time and listed as 17:43 for 2006. 2007 swim time: about 9 minutes. I've never done a swim that fast before. My 100 meter pace was 1:55

here is a bit long - you have to run up out of the lake and around, strip your wetsuit, and run the entire length of the 70.3 transition area before mounting. Took me over 4 minutes.

17.4 mile Bike
The bike comes out of a long curved shoot, then a 90 degree left turn and head up the first hill, the same one I did a month ago at the Buffman and Squeaky. These are hills that climb up out of the canyon, and they are gut-wrenching, heart-pounding, throw-uppy kinds of hills. Cursing up out of your saddle kind of hills.
After you clear the first two, there's a slight upgrade, about 1-2 percent, and then you're out on a flat where there may or may not be wind. This year, there was a slight breeze, and CLOUDS. Oh, you KNOW I love me some clouds in a Texas triathlon!
I passed a few people on the bike, including one woman who seemed to take it personally because she passed me back. Then I passed her again, and she passed me back. Whatever. It wasn't like I was speeding up; she would pass me and then slow down. Finally she passed me at the top of the last hill and stayed ahead of me.

At some point on the sprint pros start blowing by and that's when you have your first brush with greatness for the day. Just after the turnaround I heard the WHHOO-WHHOO-WHHOO-WHHOO of a disk coming up behind me and was passed so fast that I could barely make out the "P" on the calf.
My bike time and average speed this year were about the same as last year, 14.7 mph for a bike time of a little over an hour for this 17.6 mile bike.

5K Run
This is mostly flat with a few knolls here and there. My pace last year was 13:20. This year it was about 11:40. The woman from the bike was about 50 yards ahead of me and kept looking back over her shoulder at me. WTF? We weren't even in the same division and I didn't know her. But what the hell. We were both pretty slow runners, but the chase was on, and it was reminicient of the chase scene in Seinfeld when they were on electric wheelchairs.
The pros and REALLY fast amateurs continue to blow by you on the run, as the first part of their run is our run.

One female ran by me so fast that she created wind. I'm not making this up. And that's your other brush with greatness.

Overall, I did it (the sprint) about 8 minutes faster than last year. I'm pretty pleased with that. Once again, I was the only Athena so I got the first place award. Mini-baboo did beat me this time, about 11 minutes, and characteristically lorded it over me, because it's a banner day when you, the sixteen-year-old Athlete, can beat your 42-year-old Mom.

After you're done, you get to walk back up that hill and put up your bike, being careful to stay over to the right because of the 70.3 folks careeing down the hill, and eventually have a cold beer and sit in the lake. Ahhhhh.

From my spot in the lake I could see the finish line on the 70.3 and could also walk about 10 yards and yell encouragement as they went out on the run. So, I could watch out for the peeps who were there with me, including Pirate, Debi, and of course, Sweet Baboo, who I KNEW was having a good race judging by the juiciness of the kiss I got on his way out to the run. Maria "Go-go" Ladd finished 4th in her age group in the 70.3 and got a slot to the national championships in Clearwater. Mike and Time had pretty good races. Pirate's beloved and Debi's hubby both did the sprint. There be Outlaws all over those courses today!

I didn't get to see Greyhound or Triboomer finish. I did, however, see them at the hotel
lounge later as Kona Shelly donned them with all manner of Canadian regalia. We missed his final performance of singing "Oh, Canada," though. I think she filmed it. There will be more on that here.

Shanna "Banana" Armstrong did this madness: She wore three timing chips. She did the swim for the 70.3, tagged off with someone for a relay, then ran and won the sprint, and then came back, tagged off with someone else, and did the 13.1 miile bike for the 70.3 relay again.

Pirate and Debi have both assured me that I can do this. I will do this. In two years, they will have their 20th annual Ironman 70.3 at Buffalo Springs, and Mini-baboo will have graduated from high school. I will do this. But not next year, because Sweet Baboo is doing Ironman Cour d'Arlane next year.

Next up: the BOTTOMLESS SPRINT TRIATHLON, home this year of the New Mexico State Team championship.



  1. Excellent racing Geek Girl!

  2. It looks like you improved quite a bit! Congrats! I am hoping to meet up with you at IMKY (me: spectator/volunteer).

  3. Glad you had fun and did so well. Congrats to you.

  4. Nice improvements out there. Glad you enjoyed yourself, that's the best way to finish.

  5. yea! great job - oh, and has the great baboo signed up yet? Did he, hugh? Yes, this is your blog, and all about you, but you are the communicator of the family...

    really, awesome job on the race - glad to see you had a GOOD TIME (ie, fun!)!

  6. 8 minutes faster on a sprint?

  7. GReat report-
    I love Seinfeld.

  8. Sounds like good times were had by all! Good job.

  9. 8 minutes faster-you are amazing girl! Sorry we missed you this AM-good to see you at the race-will miss you in Farmington..

  10. It was soooo nice to meet you!!! I am adding your blog to my favorites, so I don't miss a thing about you..:-)

  11. Whoo-hoooo! I love reading about how much BETTER you get! 8 minutes faster... that is REALLY SOMETHING! Great job on the swim & the hilly bike course, especially :-)

  12. Congrats on your PR! As an aside--how did the Carbo Pro 1200 work out for you?

  13. I squirted two servings into a gel flask, since bodies can only hold so much in terms of carbs. Each serving had 50 grams of carbs and 200 calories. I took about half of it right before I got on the bike and the rest right before the 5K. It went down a lot faster and easier than gel, with no aftertaste. the taste was pleasant enough. then I drank lots of water. I also took a couple of enduralytes, to be safe.

  14. One more comment: you should be proud of your son for doing these races. Someday he will be thanking you for your example. And it sounds like he is on the way to becoming a great athlete like his dad.

  15. Congrats an a great race an awesome swim time. Loved the Seinfeld reference!

  16. I love your race reports. They make me laugh (in a really good way) because you have such a way of reporting that makes the reader feel as though they were there! Congratulations Dahlink!!

  17. Hey geekgirl, so cool to see you pop up on my blog! Congrats on your sprint! I'm in awe of your swim time, since I am currently re-learning the activity myself (in a swim spa the hubby and I put in last year) and feel like a complete buffoon. I shake in my space boots every time I think about attemping a mini tri next year (open water . . . wha?) but I think I'll go for it. And you most definitely should put in for La Luz. It's an experience . . .

  18. Great report! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  19. 1st place Athena! Only Athena... I live in Colorado, triathlete mecca. I could only dream of placing in an Athena category... Congrats and nice job!


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