Monday, June 04, 2007

Here I sits.

I'm plenty tired, but I can't sleep.

My sunburned shoulders and arms itch.

My legs want a word with me, NOW.

My quads are stiff and getting stiffer. I can't sit in a hot tub because my legs are sunburned.

I can't shave them either.

So I'm all itchy, achy, and fuzzy.

There was a worrisome pain in my right ankle. I hope it's just a muscle spasm.

My hoo hoo is badly chaffed. (How do you guys manage it? I mean, you have all that STUFF down there.)

I can't stop eating. I'm craving chicken, and I'm a vegetarian.

My arms ache from holding a handlebars in a stiff wind for 56 miles.

My eyes hurt.
My lips are chapped.

I've ruined my manicure AND my pedicure. Dammit.

My throat is dry and scratchy.

I'm bloated.

My chest aches.

My nose is chapped.

My hair hurts.

and all I can think is...

I wonder what else I could do?



  1. Vinegar is the best thing for while the sunburn still hurts, but I don't know if it helps once you're at the itchy stage.

    You'll think of something. You rock!

  2. I honestly think you could do about anything. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. give it a day, then go for a swim. You'll feel awesome!

    I hope...

  4. Anything your big heart desires! I am convinced of that! (You will be feeling on top of the world soon- I promise you!)

  5. Enjoy the rest! You've earned it.

    In terms of hoo-hoo chafing, I suffer greatly in this category. My husband has sacrificed his man-card in order to discuss it at great length. Basically, "things" move out of the way for the boys. For us girls, where things are more stationary and more prone to drying, options are limited.

    Guys simply don't get chafing the way we do. Us girls are studs. Hope this helps.

  6. Come to think of it, that's why the Jett saddle seems to work for me.

    Sorry, it's taken.

  7. RE: Stuff.

    One word: IronMAN.

    **insert female derision and eye rolling here**

  8. OMG GeekGirl!! I just read your last 2 posts & I am in awe of your tenacious courage to keep going and get through it all. My hat is SO off to you for getting through that. I love the "cry-athlete" term, as that is what I would be IF I were brave enough to tackle what you did!!
    I think your "get-out-&-do-it" attitude is part of what has spurred me into getting my bike fixed and riding again (after 6 years of letting it fall away). Not that I will EVER be doing what you do. I will be most happy to simply ride the neighborhood and the trail behind my house... and gradually increase my distance. And maybe venture to trails in the rest of the metro-area at some point.

    All I can say is... "Wow!"
    You keep on keepin' on!

  9. Ok, Now I'm REALLY in awe!! I just read about your accident, which I hadn't realized you did this event right after an accident. Woman, you are amazing!
    Rock on!
    Be well!

  10. Well my dear Geek Girl, Paulena just answered your question. You can inspire others. Simple.

  11. Huh, I have never thought of my "stuff" while training or racing before. Training and racing may be the only times us men don't. Perhaps that's why we enjoy racing so much. Teporarily refocuses us.


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