Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things I just happen to know today.

It's a testament to my resolve to be fit that, even though I felt certain this morning that I would certainly hurl at some point later in the the day, that I decided to hurry up and get my workouts out of the way before the throwing up commenced. In the past, I wouldn't have done that. Go, me.

So, I did a swim with assorted drills and then a trail run. I'd planned the run so that I could run 6 miles and then walk a cool-down half mile and enjoy the morning. However, there was a very large, determined fly that wanted to bite the CRAP out of my calf and hamstring. I couldn't disuade it. I finally took off running, and as I ran I could see the fly's shadow buzzing around my legs trying to find a place to land so it could bite me some more. I finally outran the little buzzing bastard after about a quarter mile. So now I know that this is what I've come to in my quest for speed: I can outrun insects.

I also know now that those calluses I paid those Asian ladies to scrape off my feet? Yeah. Turns out I needed those. Now I have to grow new ones. Meanwhile: ouch.

Then I went to belly dance class and now I know that if you are trying to hold a stomach virus at bay and be in deep denial about the whole thing, swiveling your hips and girating your belly does not make you feel better.

I also now know that, owing to his vow to share and share alike, Sweet Baboo has decided to share his recent stomach virus, thankfully the 20-hour variety, with me. Sweet Baboo is better, by the way. Now it's my turn. Yay.

For a few hours I was kind of out of it. I felt weak and dazed, just like in the last half of therun on a 70.3, so finally I weighed myself and realized I'd dropped 3 pounds since this morning. But my stomach would churn when I tried to drink anything except Red Stuff (see below). I've been peeing constantly, all day long. My body seems pretty determined to get rid of any and all fluids. I'm running a small fever, and I haven't sweated since late this morning, despite it being very warm out.

At least I'm not throwing up, or anything like that. I'm just aching and feeling queezy and confused, and feverish and weak. Sweet Baboo said I should be happy I don't have the whole throwing up thing that he had yesterday.
and I said, "Wow, you know what? I am happy. I was just sitting here, thinking about how happy I am. That's what I am, happy, happy, happy. Boy, am I happy!"

And he responded that I probably didn't have what he had because what he had didn't make him sarcastic.

Although, now at 9:31 at night, I am finally starting to feel better.
I now know that the cure for this particular stomach bug appears to be a combination of "red stuff" (Red zinger tea and cranberry juice), pistachio pudding, and the Daily Show/Colbert Report lineup.

I also know, thanks to Spokane Al, that my blog is safe for most of the family types out there. Unlike potty-mouthed Baboo. I may be sarcastic, but I'm not a potty mouth.

The more you know.


  1. Well...I was socialized by the Marine Corps and all my fellows on the U.S. Marine Corps Rugby Team...I think an R rating shows quite a lot of progress.

  2. I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better. Those viruses are vicious.

    And congrats on outrunning the fly! One of my best runs was after Tropical Storm Allison flooded the city, leading to an explosion of mosquitoes. They were horrible, aggressive creatures, and if I slowed down, they swarmed.

    Insects are your friends because they make you FAST!

  3. And knowing is half the battle!

  4. And dont forget, you hold the TM on Honey Buckets. Hope you feel better

  5. Glad youre starting to feel better. True testament to your dedication is that your still working out when your nat feeling well. I'm impressed.

  6. Feel better soon!!

  7. Your comment about getting rid of your calluses during a pedicure made me giggle. I made that mistake like ONCE two years ago...ever since then I've elected to just do my own. :-)

    Hope you're on your way to a speedy recovery...

  8. The pedicure thing is great advice - now that the baby bump is starting to interfere with self-inflicted toe pampering, I've been contemplating having it done professionally.

  9. ahh, the family that blows chunks togeather....

  10. Teacher, triathlete, mother, wife, superhero, blogger extraordinaire, marathon runner, and now BELLY DANCER too. You, my friend, are truly amazing. Glad you are feeling better and worked out even though you knew it was coming. I think you are destined for greatness. I am staying tuned for the commentary.


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