Sunday, January 21, 2007

First post-marathon run.

I went for a "long run" this morning...which turned out to be a 5-1/2 mile slow jog. as I was running, I was asking myself: come dog owners have to scoop after their dogs but horse owners don't? Horse dukey is huge and can actually trip or cause accidents, and it never seems to go away. Smells, too.

...who tied bricks these bricks to my feet while I was sleeping? and why can't I see them?

It wasn't that I was sore, or anything. My legs just felt heavy, and much disinclined to move. So I cut my planned 8 mile run short and headed back and then ate a bunch of hashbrowns.

My plan for this week:

Monday: I'm having a "sub max test" done at the gym. Once and for all, I will finally know what my "true" max HR is. Lower body weights.
Tuesday: 2 or so miles on the treadmill.
Wednesday: 3-4 miles on the treadmill, upper body weights, then spin class.
Thursday: lower body weights
Friday: spin class, 2-3 miles on treadmillx
Saturday: upper body weights, swim (?)
Sunday: LSR, perhaps 8-9 miles.

My next "big" goal: a half marathon, with no walk breaks.



  1. hey GeekGirl,
    I have popped in on occasion to "keep up" and I wanted to say congrats on the "ex" athena nomre. Excellent. weight loss is a struggle, been there- doing that!Keep up the good work. I also wanted to say that I think it's awesome that you and Myles uh humm, sorry is that Sweet Baboo, are racing together. If I didn't have such a OCD about swimming in populated water I might have thought about joining Bigun on is quest. Then I remembered I don't like running either. Sort of put the kabash on the entire Idea. Any way, kudos to you. I think you're awesome.

  2. I think you'll find the max HR test interesting. I had mine done and my AT was 168 which amazed me.

  3. you're definitely still ion recovy mode from the marathon, and 5.5 is still a great run!


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