Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm easy to please.

Here are some Things I've Gotten Excited About lately that are just kind of pathetic.

1. Last month after a long run my toenail felt sore and started to turn black. "At last!" I thought, "I'm in their little club!" But it never did go all the way across, and it didn't fall off, it eventually faded and now I just have a slightly yellow and black spotted toenail. I really wanted a black toenail sticker to put on my car.

2. That kid whose parent bought him some shampoo.

3. The fact that JC Penny is having a sale on $99 lineless bifocals. Yes, that's right. I've been taking off my nearsighted glasses to read and use the computer, because I'm too stubborn, vain and cheap to get the old-people glasses. Hopefully, I can avoid losing these.

4. The pink aluminum cover for my iPod shuffle that I bought off ebay last week and matching cord wrap that looks like fish bones.

5. This bumper sticker:

6. The fact that several students at my school have asked me to start a vegetarian club.

7. The prospect of more snow and ice and cold (just kidding - wanted to see if you were paying attention - the prospect of more winter makes me want to barf)

8. Finding out that one of my fellow staff members, a school counselor, is also a runner and is just as slow as I am (the slow runner is a lonely runner, y'all)

9. My first pair of racing flats. This is pathetic because I have few dress shoes, those I have I've had for quite some time, and I don't really even care any more, most of the time. I do, however, have the following, any of which cost way more than any pair of shoes I've ever owned: two pairs of cycling shoes (one for commuting & spinning and the other for racing), a pair each of hiking and trail running shoes, and three pairs of running shoes (short runs, long runs, and strength-building).

10. audible.com - I never have time to read any more because, well, I'm kind of hyper and books have so many WORDS in them that I have to sit still to READ, and I'm also very busy. However, I can listen to recorded books while I'm grading papers or driving somewhere or running on the treadmill.

I guess your priorities really do change when you get older. I've been waiting to see if I'm going to get excited about grandkids and such, but right now I'm pretty horrified at the thought of being stuck babysitting when I spend all day around other people's kids.

There was a time that I used to get more excited about mundane things like dress shoes, etc., but now everything just seems to get in the way of my workout time. I'm much less excited, for instance, about how crowded the gym is, how cold it is outside, and the fact that I can't find my way cool RecSpec sunglasses.

I hate the off-season. I shouldn't have this much time to waste on thinking of this crap.



  1. Your last line cracked me up.

    It really is the simple pleasures in life that make it so much more enjoyable. I like #1 and #5.

  2. I loved your post! living in Fl I might even like #7- see,I was paying attention.

  3. don't give up on that toenail yet - i'll betcha you lose it. it's dead and waiting for the little nail underneath to grow just a little before it falls off! :-)

  4. I love audible.com. I don't even have music on my ipod, just books and lectures. That's what I listen to when I run or when while I houseclean.

  5. What a fantastic post :) Once I stop whining about turning 40 I will do a 'what I am excited about' too :)
    (BTW aren't everyone's most expensive shoes their runners and bike shoes?)

  6. What a tough job you must have! I just realized you were doing IM KY. (Duh, I didn't notice before!) I will likely be there this year also, checking out the course for next, so I will follow your progress and see what you are doing to help me prepare.

  7. I can relate to the toenail thing. When I had a serious cycling accident in 2005, I kept telling the paramedics "well, all TRUE cyclists have an accident eventually." I was in shock, and they probably thought I was the biggest idiot! I didn't know yet how badly I was injured...


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