Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is it the apocalypse?

This morning we woke up to 96% humidity. In Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can almost hear the foghorns.

Normally, you could see into the city of Albuquerque and the surrounding mountains rising out past those trees. Not today. It's also 30 degrees F. We've been having excellent weather during the week that decends into chaos for the weekend. Bad for long runs and long bikes Excellent for feeling smug about having a nice, warm home to STAY IN and be self-indulgent.

I'm going to have a breakfast of popcorn and cran-grape and then a weight-lifting and treadmill session downstairs. In the dining room, of course.

Then maybe some cocoa. Then I'll start working through my to-do list while one of my favorite movies plays in the background.

I'll leave you with some valuable information on how to stay fit during cruddy, impossible-to-train days:


  1. That video is funny. Did you know you will die if you don't breathe!? Who knew? :)

  2. Yep. It's the Apocalypse. The Rapture has already occurred. We're all still here.

  3. Chicago has been having the most crazy weather too - at first it was great because you could still do long rides outside, even in December, but after a while, it starts to freak you out because it should be cold and snowing, but instead the college kids were walking around in shorts yesterday. Weird.


    OMG - gorgeous on the peak!

    Yes, there will be a post about it...

  5. You're right - you should move here! (but bring your wonderful dining room - what priorities!!)

  6. Nope, its not the apocalypse, its just global warming. oh wait, those are the same things.

    Patience my dear, imagine living and training in New England. It's up to 17 already this morning, and we might crack 20 degrees today.

  7. No, it couldn't have been the rapture. If it was, Starbucks would have been so crowded on a sunday morning, would it?


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